I'm Just Wild About Safron...  

lizalickem4u 59F
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1/28/2006 1:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm Just Wild About Safron...

And Safron is just wild about me!!!

Nothing more exciting than three very sexual women...perhaps a preview of an incredible sexual encounter?

The music was pumping and nasty, Safron and I were bumping and grinding, more grinding than anything...Safron loves to be touched almost as much as I love touching her. Her tits are incredible, firm and very responsive...her nipples like fabulous gum drops. Her skin silky smooth and very delectable...I loved licking her shoulders and pulling her hair back to kiss her neck...Her hips just right for grabbing hold and pulling her close...we gyrated and moved as one, very hot for those watching. I pulled her slinky black dress aside to expose her tits, cupping each one in my hands, gently carressing them, just for a second...I gently tweaked each nipple, then returned them to the covering of the dress, each begging for more...I reached for her hem line and brought it up where I could easily find my way between her luscious legs. Her pussy was hot and growing more moist by the second.

We were both so turned on, it was about time to head to the room to enjoy some real fun. As the music stopped the DJ came over and complimented us on the hot moves and how he would have to remember one move...we looked at each other and I asked Safron what move he might be referencing...she didn't know, we giggled and headed to our table to join our group...I suggested we go to the room, that Safron and I were hot to play.

It didn't take us long after we were in the room to get naked. I kissed Safron full on the mouth, then had her lay back on the bed and spread her legs...her beautiful pussy opened, exposed, glistening with her juices of anticipation. I knelt at the end of the bed between her legs and positioned myself just right to get an even closer look at her beautiful pussy. I took a finger and spread her swelling pussy lips apart. I couldn't resist going right for her hard little clit...she moaned loudly as I placed my mouth on her...ever so gently I began flicking and licking her hard little marble of a clit.

Safron tasted so good, so sweet...I moved a finger inside of her, wiggled it in a "come here" motion while I continued to suck and lick on her clit...PJ soon joined us, what a luscious babe...PJ was so hot and ready to play...she went right for the hard gum drop nipples of Safron, sucking them...Safron was moaning and cooing in no time...PJ positioned herself so her tits and nipples were where Safron could suckle them as well...then Safron started finger fucking PJ...PJ's juices were running down the insides of her legs, she was so damned hot. So, there we were, three very sensual, sexual women, licking, sucking, kissing, touching, fingering...fucking each other...the orgams were intense and thrilling...the pussy juices flowing...

At some point we switched and Safron was eating my pussy and I was eating PJ's pussy...PJ was so responsive, so yummy...Safron stopped and started sucking PJ's nipples and PJ was fingering Safron...PJ started cumming as her pussy clenched my fingers in waves of ecstasy, soaking my fingers and face with her pussy cum...I couldn't lap it up fast enough...PJ has such an incredible body, beautiful tits, luscious nipples, very responsive and velvety pussy...

One of the incredible young men in our group, Bob, couldn't resist getting into the action. Bob had such an fabulous hard-on, at some point while I was eating Safron's luscious pussy, Bob got up behind me and gave my pussy a little lick to make sure it was wet enough for entry. He inserted his fantastic hard cock in me...fucking me doggy style while I continued to eat Safron's pussy...and then PJ moved to where Safron was eating her pussy and the fuckathon was on...

I don't know how many positions we tried, I don't know how many additional people joined our nasty, naughty fun, but you can be sure that we played the rest of the night away. A good time was had by all!!!! Not to mention how absolutely incredible it was to watch such fanstically sexual people...the pussies were hot and ready to play with a very short amount of recovery. Our group was most appreciative of the show. Every now and then a cock would appear and join in the fun...what can I say, I'm just wild about Safron and she's just wild about me...don't forget the incredible PJ!!!!

GarionAndSafron 48M/48F
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1/28/2006 11:50 pm

Wow lizalickem4u,

I have to say, I was there and it was definately a show to be seen! Safron is a delight to be had, for sure. But your inventiveness nastyness definately kept the juices flowing!


rm_allinfun46 60M
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1/29/2006 2:09 pm

I can close my eyes and see the whloe thing in my mind as clear as day. Three beautiful women, over flowing with sexuality licking and sucking each other into orgasmic bliss...Mmmmmmmmm

No doubt a wonderful and sensual evening was had by all that were fortunate enough to be a part of this group of friends.

into_the_swing 46M/39F

2/1/2006 10:37 am

now why can't i write like liza? sigh...and the show would have been a definite turn on for us...if you keep mr. swing out of the mix that is.

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