Confusing...Romance, Passion, Dating, Married...  

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7/27/2006 4:59 am

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Confusing...Romance, Passion, Dating, Married...

Okay, I haven't ranted or raved in a little while so time for me to have an "emotional bowel movement" or as much of one as I have...

I have been approached lately by several married men all seeking the same thing...they want what I refer to as "The Date" experience.

So, here's the scenario: Married man wants to take me to a nice restaurant for dinner, wine and dine me...then he wants to hit a club or two, some want to dance, some want to just check out the action...some have even expressed an interest in playing a game or two of pool, listen to a band...then to top of the evening they want to have some unbridled passionate sex.

Nothing wrong with the above scenario other than the hard core reality of the married man being just that, a married man. Interesting, huh? I mean especially if the married man lives here in Tulsa...does he think he would be invisible during this night on the town? Does he think Tulsa is so big that there is no chance that he wouldn't see or be seen by someone that knows him, knows he's married, knows he's not sitting at that dinner table with his wife?

Here's where I'm having a bit of a problem...while I enjoy being wined at dined at the nicest, pricest restaurants in Tulsa...I much prefer a quiet evening at home, glass of great wine, some jazz or "mood" music playing...NO TV (I guess I could put on some porn for training purposes or in case the man has forgotten how to do some of the basic stuff)...cut to the heart of the matter and let's get naked, Baby, and have some great, passionate sex!!! Isn't that why we're on AdultFriendFinder??? Isn't it about the sex?

Romance and Passion are great and can be easily accomplished without heading out into public...I would think that MOST married men would want the discretion (at least their profiles indicate that it is an important element of what they are seeking with a woman other than their wife) but here lately I've encountered numerous married men that want to do the night on the town, what I refer to as wide-open dating. I'm finding this a bit say you want discretion but then you want to take me to one of the restaurants you take your, what's wrong with this picture????

So, here's where I'm having a problem...I've been told I have an "attitude" about this "dating" process...yes, I have attitude, I would like to think that's what makes me somewhat attractive, I'm definitely NOT a doormat for men...but why not be upfront about what "I" am seeking here on AdultFriendFinder? While I can do the "date" thing, I much prefer to entertain in my home, enjoy the passionate build up of some foreplay, then get naked and have some great that wrong???? I mean come on, this isn't all about the married man...this is about consenting adults seeking similar minded partners to engage in sex, is it not????????

Again, I'm not complaining about the married man per say...yes, I'm an enabler by not having a problem getting together with married men but what I'm having a problem with is the married man that feels I take the "romance" out of the deal by wanting to stay home and have sex with him...perhaps I just am too upfront and in your face about what I'm seeking with a man...I mean my interpretation of AdultFriendFinder, is that this is "The World's Largest Sex and Swinger Personals Community," doesn't that mean both men and women can seek sex on here?????

Anyway, to all the married men, come on and be you really want to "date" a woman? I realize that the romance and passion is missing in your life or you wouldn't have wandered onto AdultFriendFinder but come on, do you really think you can be that wide-open with "dating" again and the wifey not find out about it??????

Course this also goes along with the married man that has actually given some serious thought about stepping out of the marital bonds in that he already knows the name of the game and much prefers the true meaning of discretion, the man that can truly appreciate a "discreet" encounter.

Not to worry, I'm not crying in my coffee over all this...I do find it sadistically amusing...not to mention all the "attitude" I have about sucking and each their own!!!!

Post Script.......

I do want to throw this out there for the married guys to give some thought...You all do realize that if you took the same approach with your wife you might be surprised at how receiptive she would be to what you want to do, what you want to try sexually. Yes, I know there are those married men that couldn't possible approach the "Madonna" in their life, the mother of their well as the wife that has shut off and down sexually...I realize that there are extinuating circumstances to the "why's" the married man seeks sex outside of the marriage...I'm just saying that if you wanted to wine and dine your wife, have the "date" experience that you want with me, only with your wife, wow, you might really be surprised!!!! Oh well, just a after thought...

GraspCrownRusts 47M
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7/27/2006 11:43 am

"You had me at wine and jazz music..." Dayumit, I'm in lust again.

I agree with you about the need for a married dude to have some discretion - and I also agree with you that there is nothing more comfortable and relaxing as "home field advantage".

As a married dude, of whom you speak, I would say that I dunno about the whole "date thing." I'm with you in thinking that is available at home often enough to quench that thirst.

What I am "looking for" is more in the line of friendships and like-minded connections. Sometimes those connections are accented with intimate situations like the one you described above - and sometimes not, but they are always fun and rewarding.

leegs55 56M

7/27/2006 3:24 pm

don't get married.

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