Confessions - Chapter II  

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6/9/2006 4:29 am
Confessions - Chapter II

"Lay down here on the pew. Spread your legs, put your feet up here on the backs of the pews," he commanded me. I was fully exposed, totally naked. Father Tom had stripped me of my sundress and my bra, almost the instant I stepped out of the big empty he had me on my back, facing him, then carefully I placed first one barefoot up on the back of the pew I was laying on and then on the back of the pew in front of this legs were wide, my pussy fully exposed and pussy was dripping wet, my nipples hard and pert begging to have his mouth on them...

I watched Father Tom's face as he looked upon my freshly shaved pussy...glistening with my excitement, my pussy lips swelling and puffying with anticipation of his hard cock parting my outer lips and plunging deep into my womanly depths...

Father Tom unzipped his black trousers and his hard cock sprung forth, the tip glistening from the pre-cum that had formed...he moved to where he was standing there between my legs, admiring the sight and delights before him...then he inserted a finger into my hot, wet, pussy...almost as though he was testing the temperature before entering me...then he placed his cockhead at my wet opening and ever so slowly he entered my womanly depths...he began to thrust in and out, ever so slow, steadily increasing in speed...going deeper inside of me until he bottomed out...I tried to be quiet, I tried not to make a sound...his stroking was so incredible...he whispered little incantations as he fucked me, he whispered to me not to make a sound as it would echo throughout the big empty hall...and there in the pew in the church, Father Tom fucked me...the hardness of the wooden pew underneath my bare ass was unforgiving and made me more aware of my complete and total nakedness...anyone could happen on to us, but that made it all the more hot, all the more thrilling...Father Tom was fully clothed, but for his pants being opened and his hardness poking couldn't tell if you came up behind him that he had his mantool out and fucking with it...his cockmeat covered now in my pussy juices as he fucked me in the pew, in the church. I was totally exposed, totally naked, totally in the throes of my passion and heat...

"Your lust seems to be growing with each stroke of my not hold back Elizabeth, let it all surface, give your lust up to your Father," he told me sternly.
"Yes, Father, I give it to you, fuck me Father, fuck me," I moaned in a whisper as I relished the feel of his cock as it plunged deep into my hot wet depths.
"I am about to release my spew into you, my Holy spew Elizabeth, are you ready?" he whispered in my ear. I felt his mouth on one of my nipples and it sent me soaring further into my lustful state...I was euphoric and wanted his full measure, his full load of cum, filling me to overflowing...I felt his ass cheeks tightening up and though he was fully clothed I knew he was about to cum...

And he was there, I felt his cockhead swell and then the hot liquid errupt from the eye of his cockmeat, he was shooting his spew into me, giving me the boiling load of cum...I let go myself, the waves of ecstasy washing over me, my pussy contracting mightily on his hardness...the jolts of my orgasm shooting throughout my body, my spasms causing me to raise up to meet his last few strokes as he made sure every drop from his balls were emptied into my cum bucket.

I laid there on the hard wooden pew, spent and relishing the warmness that seemed to wash over me, the release of all the stress now gone...the release of my sexual demons once again allowing peace and calm to engulf me.

"You are now released from your sexual demons and lust for cockmeat...go and enjoy the calm that is about you. I will see you again next week to check your progress..."

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