A Tantric Encouter...  

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A Tantric Encouter...

I have prepared the living room to be the perfect place in which to conduct my "Tantric Sex" encounter. I think I have a good understanding of Tantric Sex...at least I am going for my interpretation/version...I placed the big soft cushions on the floor, making a comfortable seating/laying arrangement for us. I then strategically placed candles around the room, turned up the heat so that we would be comfortable completely naked in the large living room area...the final touch is the sensual music to set the mood...I dressed in only my red, short silk robe and clear acrylic high-heel mules...I made sure the tray was ready with the lubricant bottle, washcloth, hand towel, condoms, a glass of ice, a glass of water, two bottles of water, and a bowl that I will place warm, almost hot water in when it is time. Everything is perfect, the stage set. My guest would be arriving soon and I was ready.

You arrive promptly at the agreed upon time. I offer you a drink of water, coffee, soft drink...you're fine, nothing to drink, thank you. Then I show you to the living room and have you sit on the sofa with me. I lean forward and kiss you ever so gently on the mouth...there is a heat there that needs to be explored. You kiss me back and our tongues tangle a bit.

I pull away and look at you. I begin to undress you...unbuttoning your shirt and taking it off of you. I take my time and run my hands over your chest, along your arms, run my fingers over your nipples, are they sensitive? they harden at my touch...then I run my hands down to the waistband of your trousers. I push you back a little and to get at your belt buckle...I undo the buckle and then unzip your trousers. You raise your hips up off of the sofa and I tug them down, leaving your underwear, a nice pair of silkie boxers in place. You stand up and the trousers fall to the floor and you step out of them as I take them and lay them across a nearby chair.

You are still standing and I put my fingers in the waistband and kiss you full on the mouth as I pull the boxers down. Your cock springs forth as though finally released.

Good you're properly aroused. You pull me to you and I enjoy our embrace. I have you sit down again so I can remove your socks. I then go and turn up the heat a little so we don't get chilled...I then return and take your hand and lead you to the pillows I have waiting for our adventure.

I tell you to sit cross-legged on the cushions and put your hands on top of your knees. Close your eyes...I then proceed to touch, lick and suck your fingers, the palms of your hands, then your wrists. I make love to your hands, fingers, wrists and arms with my mouth and tongue...your cock is very hard and beginning to leak precum. I enjoy seeing the physical reaction I get out of my touching. You are to sit there and NOT touch me...I whisper the reminder to you not to touch me. Every now and then I would kiss your lips, nibble your ear lobe, kiss your neck...then I sit down and place my hands on your hands and we breath, listen to the music and breath...I barely touch your hands, the heat is there, can you feel it? I then have you lay on your back on the cushions. I position several pillows to where the small of your back is supported and then under your ass so that your lower abdomen is positioned up and available to me.

You are not allowed to touch me during any of this part of the encounter...I have you close your eyes again, your cock has gone a little limp but it won't take long to revive it to that hardened state. I whisper to you to breath deeply and relax. I go and warm some water in one of my bowls and place the warming massage lubricant in it to heat up a bit.

I run my hands up and down your legs, barely touching the skin...you get goosebumps from this touching...your cock begins to stir. I take my warmed massage/lubricant and coat my hands and fingers. I then turn my attention to your lower abdominal area being careful not to touch your cock...touching you everywhere but on your cock...I run my fingers up and down your balls, I cup them ever so gently, a moan escapes your lips, your cock steadily grows...I run my fingers between your legs and pull at the little hairs that cover your ass cheeks...then I work back up the insides of your thighs to just below your belly button...I massage a bit harder here, being ever so careful as to not touch your cock which is almost completely rigid again. I then run a finger across first one nipple and then the other...you push your chest up as though to show me that you do like your nipples touched...I lightly take one in between my thumb and forefinger, applying a slight pressure, you suck in a breath...

Is there a connection to the stimulation of your nipples and cock? I continue to pinch first one nipple and then the other and then I place my mouth on one and ever so lightly suck on it...again you suck in a breath and a small moan escapes from your throat. I then return my attention to your now steel hard erection leaking precum from the eye. I return to massaging you just below your belly button...stroking you right up the base of your cock...I put my fingers around the base of your erection and hold it there...I see a shudder run through your body, I take a bottle of lube and pour it on my hand at the base of your cock and then ever so gently begin to turn my hand like I was working a rachet wrench, back and forth and then moving it up and down ever so slightly...

Your hips thrust up involuntarily...I can't help but smile at the reaction your body is having to my touch...I then put my other hand on your cock, with both hands I begin to massage your cock...I move my hands in a slight twisting motion each hand moving a different direction providing an incredible sensation...ever so slightly I work my hands, your hips begin to thrust up and then relax...I whisper to you to take a deep breath, relax and let it go...you let out a good breath and then I watch as your hips continue to thrust up and down...I love knowing that you're trying to fuck my hands, though is it I that is fucking you with my hands?

I take one hand and place the fingers around the rim of your cockhead and move my hand up and down the ridge...I take my other finger and move it to just under your balls and rub it back and forth...a much louder moan escapes your lips and your hips are starting to buck...I continue to move my hands in this position and that...I place the palm of one hand on the head of your cock now oozing with precum and do a slight twisting motion as though wiping it off with my hand...and the I begin the twisting move around and around the shaft of your pulsing cockmeat...your cock is so hard, so full...the cum load boiling in your balls is working its way up...I then place my mouth to just at the tip of your cock and flick my wicked little tongue just across the head...you moan loudly and then your hips thrust up as though to try and shove your cock in my mouth but I pull back and wait for you to return to the cushions...I then place my lips just past the tip of your cock and then off and then I put a little more of your cock in my mouth with each movement...

I continue this until I am taking your cock nearly full measure into my mouth getting as much of your cock and shaft in my mouth and throat as I can...I relax my mouth and jaw muscles and take more of you in...your breathing increases and I pull up and off of your cock...you sigh and moan as I stop...I let you fall back onto the cushions and wait for your hips to stop thrusting up and down...just as you settle down I begin with my hands again...I lube them up again and begin to twist on the shaft...you moan and your hips come alive again.

I stop and watch you settle down again. I take some of the bottled water and hold it to your lips...you smile and drink.

I quickly return to my task at hand...I lube up my hands and return to my twisting motion of your cock meat only this time I increase the speed and pressure of my strokes...your hips begin thrusting and I continue to alternative my moves and strokes...you moan that you are getting close and I say that is great, let it go...give me that cum load Baby, give it to me...relax and let it go...my hand speed increases and you're hips are thrusting up and down...I tell you to take a deep breath and let go...you take a deep breath and there it is...the nectar I've been working to get out of your cockmeat...you explode in my hands, shooting your jism up on your chest, poweful squirts of thick, white cum...you are thrashing about and your hips thrusting wildly...I continue to milk your cock, making sure I get every drop, I start at the base and move my hands up several times before you beg me to stop...you're too sensitive and you shudder as I make one last pass up the shaft of your relaxing cock...

I take the opportunity to begin to clean you up...I lick the cum off of your chest and then remove the rest with a nice warm washcloth, being very gentle in my washing...then drying you with a warmed towel and then covering you with a blanket to bask in the afterglow...

rm_allinfun46 60M
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1/27/2006 3:05 am

Very HOT!!! Well written and just a good erotic read. You had me stroking my own cock as I read this one.

rm_frediefred 65M
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1/30/2006 10:28 pm

Very interesting

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