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5/4/2006 11:05 am

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Delivery Girl

I wanted to share an email I received in response to my post for new fantasies. Enjoy. Xoxo


Hello again Liza;

You are very sexy in those pictures Liza. I have not heard back from you yet and I am so hot for you baby. I want to do all those fantasies you talk about in your ad.

I would like to be with you on a regular basis and have you be my little slut girl....

I have often thought about a delivery girl coming to my house to deliver something and inviting her in as I get her money. Then I notice that she keeps looking at my crotch and I ask her if she would like to see the bulge that she keeps looking at in my pants. She says yes and I kneel her down in front of me and then take down my pants and tell her to feel it inside my shorts. She runs her hand over my cock and she moans with delight as she continues to rub it through my shorts. She then slides her hand under my shorts and grasps my cock in her hand tightly and begins to move her hand up and down the shaft until it is very hard. she tham slides my shorts down to reveal my hard cock standing straight up in front of me. She then takes it in her hand again and begins again to stroke it back and forth as she looks up at me with her sexy eyes. After doing this a while she moves closer and closer and then I feel her lips on the tip of my cock as her hand continues to stroke it. Then I feel the head of my cock just inside her warm mouth and her lips around the base of the smooth head. She then starts to lick the head with her tongue as her lips hold tight around the head. Then she moves in closer and closer and I feel my cock slide slowly deeper and deeper into her mouth until her mouth is full of my cock. Then she begins to move her head back and forth faster and faster and I can feel her lips as they slide over the sensitive ridge of my cock head over and over again and again. She then reaches both hands behind me and grabs both of my cheeks and pulls me into her mouth and then pulls me out of her mouth... back and forth and back and forth until I can't hold on any longer. I feel my body begin to contract and feel the hot liquid move from my balls and up the shaft and explode out the head and deep into her mouth as she continues to suck and with every move of her mouth down and back up I explode another load of hot liquid into her sweet mouth and again and again and then I slow down and she moves her mouth down one last time and as she moves back sucks very hard and the last drop of my hot nectar goes into her mouth as she looks up at me with her sexy eyes.
I am so very hot for her now that I grab her and turn her around. I pull up her skirt and pull down her sexy lace panties and position myself behind her, my cock still standing straight out pointing at her ass. I take some saliva and rub it on her tight little ass hole and then move my cock in closer and closer. I can now feel the tip of my cock at her tight little opening and then I slowly push in farther and farther until the head of my cock slides into her tight hole and her muscle is holding the head of my cock very tightly. Then I push in a little farther and a little farther and farther until my cock is now deep inside her tight little ass hole and she moans with pleasure. I then start to move my cock out slowly until just the head is inside her and she is holding on tight to the head of my cock with her ass. Then I push into her again until I feel my balls up against her and then start to move out again. Then back in and then back out over and over again and again. I am now moving in a nice rhythm in and out of her tight little ass hole and it is now sliding in and out very smoothly and I can feel her push into me as I move into her. I grab her around her hips and start to pull her into me with more force now and push her out and then back in again and I can hear her ass slapping against me as my cock penetrates her sweet little ass hole over and over again and again. Then I feel the stirring inside of me again and I know I will cum again very soon. I continue to pump her sweet ass and then as before I feel my body contract and the hot liquid again move up from my balls up the shaft and explode deep into her ass hole as I am thrusting into her... and then again and then again another explosion of my hot nectar into her tight little ass hole until I have no more left in me and I pull her tight against me one last time and my cock is deep inside her and continues to pulsate even though there is no more cum for me to empty into her. Then I feel her little ass hole squeeze tight around my cock and then release and the squeeze again and then release as if she is trying to milk my cock with her little hugs again and again. Then it is over and I push forward and we are both laying on the floor with me on top of her and my cock still buried deep in her sweet little ass. I keep her like that until my cock gets smaller and smaller and finally slides out of her sweet ass. she gets dressed and I ask her when she is working again as I would like to place another order and have her deliver it. I tell her to make sure that I am the last person on her delivery as I would like to play with her again and she smiles and says she would love to cum over again soon. She looks down at my cock and puts her little hand around it and gives it a gentle squeeze before leaving and I smile at her as she goes.

Write to me you sweet sexy thing and let's get together and play out some of your fantasies and some of mine as well OK.

Don't make me wait baby.... I want to be in your sweet mouth and ass as soon as possible.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss

Sweet dreams my sweet ... sexy.... little slut girl...... I want you baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Write to me soon and tell me when we can get together and play... OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

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