So far no good..,.  

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So far no good..,.

(AdultFriendFinder staff. Please erase what's in these parentheses. I've had tis and my fourth post denied for including an email address but I don't believe I have done so. Please recheck for approval thanks. Erase whats in parentheses)Well, I thought I was doing pretty good for a first timer, but I'm sure there's still alot for me to learn. Nonetheless, it always seems that no matter how much I learn about women, I always come away knowing less. The second woman I had written to on this system SEEMED to take an interest in me, although her replies were still a LITTLE suspicious. So far she is first person to have contacted me. I initiated discussion with the following Email..

Subject: Attracted to you

Wow. I don't know really how to say this, but your picture just has that extra thing, ya know? Alot of women are attractive, but even in the attractive people realm, few actually get you horny just looking at them. I don't know really how to explain why your picture gives me this hunger, it just does. Like, really bad like. This is rare. I guess there's no other explanation other than that you just do it for me. My 4th and 5th are better photos should be up on my profile in the next day or so, and if I am lucky enough that you are also attracted to me, I hope you will be willing to take the necessary steps to begin communication. Fitness is something that I have recently taken very seriously, as ten days ago I got a gym membership and am now establishing a regular workout routine. I also succeeded in quitting smoking ten days ago. I now get surges of energy that I feel I just have to release. Sex is on my mind alot lately, and I would like to get to know someone who wants to push it to the limits. I am getting healthier by the day, and I was already a VERY energetic person. My whole sexual game revolves around building horniness as much as possible, or torment as I like to call it, and then sustaining the satisfaction of such torment as much as possible, and fully experiencing the release. So far I am already tormented by your picture, and could only imagine the degree to which you could torment me in person. Just bear in mind, that the more you torment me the more rigourous you're punishment will be. I already think I might have to take a jog around the block to work off the torment you're picture has put me through. I really DO want to meet, and I hope you are adventurous. Although I'm up for all kinds of adventure, I still believe in being 100% safe about everything, for example, having our own third parties know who we are and where we meet. Providing STD test results and/or using protection. We will need to get this out of the way first. However, once these minor technicalities are out of the way, we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations. We could be creative about how we meet if you want. If there is a fantasy you'de like to live out, I'd be glad to hear about it. I'd be willing to cover ferry expenses to meet you in person, if we agrre to do so at any point in time. Hell, I'd swim if I had to. I have filled all the info on my profile that I could, and apparently we are 85% compatible, but be sure to read everything so that you can determine how to work me best. I don't know if I can wait much longer, but I ask that you take the time to figure out how you can get the best of this situation for yourself as well, and E-mail me back. I will try to hang on until then. In the meantime, I'll be running around the block. Til then.

She then responded with the following Email..

Subject RE: Attracted to you

Hotel in van you get me?

At first I was a little suspicious about her immediate plans to meet me without giving any information about herself or responding to anything I had written in my Email, still I figured if I could carry out communication with her long enough to build trust, and eventually speak to her on the phone, and further that trust, that meeting her in vancouver could still be a worth while venture for us both. So I replied with the following Email...

In answer to your question, yeah I do get you. I'm all up for the hotel in van thing. Weekends work best for me. I am kind of new to this style of dating and I guess the hardest part for me, at this point is trusting a complete stranger. However, we are both in the same shoes, in this aspect, and we don't need to rush this. In fact, I like to think we can take our time with this. Put the time and thought into maximizing what we both want to experience, and try to blend it together. The more we communicate about this beforehand, the more we establish the necessary trust. However, I don't think we want to overcommunicate either. We want to be sure that what we discuss will contribute to the drive. I'm not sure if you want to do the silence thing in person or not, but either way, we will need to discuss certain things via E-mail. First of all do you want to speak to each other. Maybe not at first. Perhaps afterward. NEcessary phrases only, or full out communication. Whatever works best for ya. My attitude about it all, is that I don't want to feel pressured to speak. Conversation can go astray, and I want to stay on one main direction. I want the best sexual experience possible for both of us, and we will both have to put considerable thought into how we are going to achieve this. The beauty of E-mail is you don't have to say whatever pops into your head. You can put thought into your next move. As I said weekends are good for me, possibly this weekend, but not necessarily. We'll have to figure this out as we go. The next sex should always be the best sex. Work it. Build it. Seek ultimate satisfaction. Awaiting your reply, but no need to rush. Write it when it comes to you.

When I look back at this in retrospect, it DOES seem like I'm moving pretty fast here. Especially with a complete stranger. I just don't know how else to respond to someone, who the only thing they have said to me is that they want to meet in van. I mean in a sense I've already gotten the invitation, so I figure there's no harm in playing it up. I don't have to go ANYWHERE until I can trust her enough to do so, and I figure if I can get her talking to me, the trust can begin to build. However, for whatever reason, at some point I began to feel that I may have put her on the spot too much in my previous Email. I find it really tough to try and anticipate what a total stranger is thinking. Anyways, I figured I would shift the focus by sending the following Email...

While I'm waiting for you to Email me back on some more details about how you 'de like to meet, and what you 'de like to do, etc. , I'm just going to sit here and stare at your picture some more. I mean browsing is somewhat fun, but no matter who I find on this, I always find myself going back to your picture. Every time I look at it, its that same feeling. Kind of this tormenting burn sensation. A real hunger. I find my tongue just automatically squirming around in my mouth. Everything about the picture just pushes every single button for me. First there is your physical look which is just..ooooh..there's just that look about you that is, ... I wish I could describe it. It's like sweet..but it's hot... and then it's something all together more..ahhh..this is killing me I may need to go for another run soon. Aside from your physical look their is the message in the photo, which appeals to everything I love about sex. The picture displays teasing, which tells me that you think the same way about sex that I do, which drives me crazy to think about. Also it's how well you do it. The expression on your face. The way your body is positioned. It's all sooo incredibly sexy. Moreso than anything you would typically see in playboy magazine. Like I said in the first Email, you just got that something extra. Aside from that, I love the shape of your body, the size and shape of your breasts, and you have this texture to your skin, that is just soooo, ah it just makes me want to lick it. When I add all these things together, coupled with the idea that we could very well be in a hotel room in Vancouver soon, closing the door behind us, completely free to physically express our hunger to any degree we wish to, with nothing in the way but clothes, which I am absolutely dying to see how they will come off. I'm dying to see what you are like when you are free to express yourself sexually in any way you wish. I see you moving slow. Getting comfortable with your body and the situation. Looking down and away from me, while you are thinking about what you're going to do next. My eyes glued to you in anticipation. The slow building and lasting torment you put me through, until it's too much for me to bear, and I have to give it all back to you in one frantic long enigma of mad physical expression and penetration, wish I will draw out as long as humanly possible, to the highest degree of torment imaginable, until I feel you are ready to get what you deserve. I'm looking at your picture again. oooooh you are gonna get it, girl. I got that tongue thing again. I feel it right to my stomach. Okay time for my run, now.

I guess she liked this one, because she then sent out the elaborate...

Send me a contact #

Okay, now this was getting a little suspicious. Still there was no way of knowing whether all would be cleared up once we talked, leading to eventual evolution toward sexual bliss, or if this person had plans to rob me blind from the start. Still, never one to give up, I found away around this and arranged for a third party, to reach me through call transfer, and gave the woman the third parties #. The third party was a hotel manager I knew, who could accept the call from a legitimate business line, and direct the call to my phone, without ever giving her my number. I figured that since the hotel manager knew me, and could answer her call with the name of a legitimate hotel, that she could look up, as well as answer basic questions surrounding my appearance or whatever she wanted to ask that this could begin to build trust for her, in case she was legit. I also gave her a yahoo address, and said she could Email me a contact# if it made her more comfortable. However, I hadn't heard from her. Still in the dark, I wondered whether all the complexities surrounding contacting me had killed the mood, so I sent the following Email:

Subject: Rebuild...

You wanted contact info, you got it. Please excuse the dry tone of my last email, but it was very necessary. Now that the inquisitivity of letting off has once again set in,leaving you to question in a mystically ponderous state as to the reality of the situation, the time has now come to not only further that reality, but to rebuild the intensity of such reality so as to ensure its inevitability. When lava levels have fallen, how does one explain the phenomenon of the sudden swelling which cause these levels to reverse direction? If it is the heat of the lava, then what is the cause of this heat? What exactly is the mountain stimulated by? Perhaps the answer to this can only be explained in nature. However, even to the most fiercly dedicated geologists, the issue at hand is not so much the scientific causes of such heat and stimulation, only that the heat and stimulation are there, and how to handle the situation. It is a situation much like the pulsing sensations that run through all parts of a man's body when his eyes meet a certain type of woman, that is an anomaly within the context of the typical scenery. For the most part there really is nothing for which a geologist need have concern, as it is only in rare circumstances that the mountain will be stimulated to the point in which its effects are devastating. The typical scenery may allow for certain amounts of puff and smoke, or maybe even a little spitfire to be released. But it is not all too often, that something exists within the scenery that is capable of producing an eruption of devastating proportions. Again, using that 'certain type of woman' as an analogy, if a man is to set eyes on a woman that causes his internal chemistry to rise to abnormal levels, the situation must be treated as a crisis. In a crisis situation, it is important to push oneself past their own limits too deal with such a crisis. The situation MUST be handled effectively! It is just TOO important! Therefore, the bearer of such a crisis must be at his top form. A crisis situation always contains the element of unpredictability, therefore the crisis bearer must possess incredible alertness. He must be able to react to anything!!! The situation could get hectic!!He will need reflexes. Coordination. Energy. Strength. Stamina. Critical thinking. But most of all he will need incredible resources of adrenaline. However, in such a situation, he need not be concerned, for it is kind of like a situation in which proximity to a certain kind of female is high. When that certain type of female is right there in front of him, and she is dishing out all the stimulation she is capable of. When the removal of her clothing is real. .. When the slow squirming of her body leads to her gradual increasing freedom of body movement causing her bear hips to move and sway in every direction in which she can control. When this is real... When she feels the freedom to move her body in ways that increases her love for her own bodily mobility. When this is real...When she falls so in love with the control she has over her own body, that it is more than she can bear. When this is real... When she can't stop herself from moving. When this is real.. All directions. All positions. Shifting. Rolling. Twisting. Turning Swaying. Swirving. When the momentum of it all doesn't stop increasing, and reaches frantic levels... When this is real....................................................the bearer of such a crisis will have more adrenaline than he can handle!!!

Being the cocky son of a bitch that I am, I strutted around all after noon feelin that I had this one in the bag. I spent a good part of the day doing sexual exercises and preparing my mentality to put forth my best sexual performance ever. The fact that she had only spoken two sentences to me in her life, had nooooooo affect on my confidence whatsoever (in the voice of Homer)

However, when I got to my computer later, and noticed her on line, and that she hadn't responded to my last Email for a long enough while, confusion began to set in, so I thought I might be able to clear it up if I could IM her. I thought this might be a chance to build a little quick dose of trust, as I still had my suspiciouns. I tried to see if I could IM her some how, but was unable to find that feature, so I sent her the following Email...

Subject: Just saying hi...

Noticed you were online, and tried to IM you but could not find that feature. Just wandering if you still possibly want to meet sometime?

I figured if I could put her on the spot in a way that allowed her to answer in her typical half sentence fashion, I could at least be somewhat clear on where she stands. Still, looking back, I feel I was somewhat hasty with this Email compared to the other Emails, nonetheless, I thought the question was still a fair one, albeit pessimistic. Awww damn it, yeah I guess I see now. I guess I pessimistically put her on the spot with that question. THIS is the BIGGEST problem I have dating this way. When I initially write her an Email, I'm happy as shit with how everything is going along. I would never think to ask, " do you still possibly want to meet sometime?" At the completion of my Email, I just take that for granted. However, by the time she actually reads the Email, or lack thereof, I have pondered so many possibilities as to the delay of her response, that I am only left in confusion. In order to clear up the confusion, I try to clear up as quickly as I can whether she is still interested. Of course, it is at this point where she blocked me from sending any further messages. I'm still confused, and as soon as I have time to figure out how to do it I'm going to set up the following poll. But for now, you can kindly clear up my confusion by responding to this poll, by commenting your vote on this post.
I'm interested in hearing what people's top three answers are. Anyways, better things have happened. Stayed tuned for the next post...

livinlavalova 44M

3/30/2006 10:10 pm

Hey Liv. It's me Liv. Kinda felt sorry for ya, so I thought I'd comment on your post. In answer to your question, I already know what my three choices are for your poll. However, if I were to give those answers right now, it might have an effect on how other people answer, so in the words of Johny Tightlips, "I ain't sayin nuttin"

livinlavalova 44M

4/11/2006 8:17 pm

Hey Liv. No wonder she stiffed ya. That rebuild Email was probably the crappiest work I've ever seen you do.

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