Saturday night II  

littlekarenz 51F
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6/26/2006 11:22 pm
Saturday night II

OK dinner was fun, but the table dwindled down quickly, and by 11:00 three of us girls end up at the bar. A few guys hit on us now and then. Finally three guys just stuck. We all flirted for a while, then the other two girls who are married decided to leave. They tried to get me to go to, but I resisted. As soon as my friends reluctlently let the pressure was on. One guy had to leave, and the bar was closing. I followed them down Roosevelt and we quickly pulled into a Motel6 a few miles away. We all parked at the far end of the lot, one of the guys went in for a room. The second guy asked me to dance while we waited and I did. I stripped for him in the parking lot. The first guy came back with a key and I grabbed my purse and stuff. We had a first floor room and we headed in. One guy turned on some porn and I laid back on the bed and started to masterbate. I had two condoms and a small tube of jelly in my purse. I slipped a rubber on one cock, got on my hands and knees and started sucking to other. I stuck my ass in the air and the other guy came up behind me and slipped inside. I tried to control the positions, but they changed to quickly, and soon the fucking was without rubber. They were switching up, me on my back, hands and knees, me on top, dick in my mouth and pussy, balls in my mouth getting fucked in my pussy. Then while I riding one cock, the other came from behind. I thought he would go for my ass, but he forced into my pussy too. I let out a yell, but they told me to relax. I tried to as they road me. The guy on the bottom told me that they both wanted to cum inside me. I told them no, but that I'd swallow both of them. I sucked both of their cocks at the same time and the both cam at once. The load was massive, but I swallowed it all. Then I told them both thank you and good-bye, grabbed my stuff and left.

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