Making Money  

littlekarenlof 51F
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7/27/2006 12:13 am
Making Money

This blog thing is fun. I feel that I can tell my stories here safely.

I went to a teaching seminar earlier in the year in Kansas City It was pretty tame in gereral. My last night there I was having a drink alone in the hotel bar. A dorky guy set next to me at the bar and started talking to me. He was king of shy, but the loosened up as he drank. We were talking for a while, he was buying me drinks. We moved to a table and he kept ordering us drinks. Before long I was drunk. He started to ask my provocative questions, and I answered them all truthfully. Some were innocent, when did I love my virginity, at 21, Some were not, did I suck cock, yes, did I swallow, yes, did I ever have anal, yes. He kept asking question after question, finally he asked me if I'd consider sleeping with him. I thought he was kidding, so I told him for $100.00 I would sleep with him. Then he pulled out his wallet and handed me the money. I was shocked, but I asked for it I guess. I took the money and we headed for his room. I have never fucked a guy for money before, but it seemed kind of dirty and hot.

His room was like any typical hotel room. As soon as the door closed he was all over me, pawing and kissing and tearing at my clothes. He was so aggressive, but so shy. He had me naked in no time, but he asked me to go down on him like he was afraid I'd say no. I sucked his cock, licked his balls, sucked on his balls, and took him all the way in my mouth.

I had a condom in my purse and I put it on him and climbed on reverse cowgirl. I leaned forward and fucked him fast and hard. I came once and then I could feel his him ready to cum. He came and I climbed off. I pulled off the condom and licked and teased his cock. Then I leaned back and emptied the condom on my tits and rubbed the cum in. I told him good night and got up to leave. I was still drunk, but I never realized how aggressive he was when he undressed me. He tore must of the buttons off my shirt and broke the zipper on my skirt. My panties were stretched and mangled. I did my best to get dressed and told him good night, having been a prostitute for the night!

ZZ_Todd 61M

7/27/2006 1:21 am

That's what attracts me to this site... not the search and conquest (which there aren't any!)... the insights into people, sharing things about each other that we wouldn't normally share... and seeing that my own "quirks" aren't so abnormal after all!

rm_larrieux 52M

7/30/2006 4:36 am

you are too hot i want to be in your next blog.

ynot1002 61M  
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9/19/2006 1:36 pm

You sound like a Lady who Luv's to have fun!...I'd enjoy spending some time with You Baby....Let's have a couple drinks!!!...Then""">>!

rm_jerry204020 53M
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7/15/2007 10:29 pm that sounds like a fun night. I would love to hear or see more

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