sometimes .... it does matters....  

lithiumrose 39F
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7/11/2006 2:18 am

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7/21/2006 8:16 pm

sometimes .... it does matters....

DO you know, there are days when you are sitting with a book or something, and minding your own business, when you realised you are wet and horny. And that as a result made you think about sex, which makes you want one. Now. and Now. And it doesn't have to be a guy or a gal ... just so long you get someone to help..

I had been feeling so horny on Sunday. Playing with oneself doesn't help and I had so many offers to help me in my lil 'problem' but what does this gal do? I declined it! That was just so wrong ... but that's what I did. I said, nahhhh, thanks but nahhh ...

As odd as it was - I think someone managed to kill my appetite in sex for a while.

See, I was having this conversation with this guy - and all he talked was sex and sex and sex. Nothing wrong with that, but I had a feeling, if I ever met him - I possibly wont have anything in common with him other than I own a pussy.

In his words - He wants his hard cock in my wet pussy.

Yeah, right.

So I declined his offer. What did he do ? He wandered around town - asked a tourist to join him for coffee and said to me - He had a great fuck with her. But now he is horny and she is not here, and wants me to come over to his place for a fuck.


What a way to disinterest me.

Seriously though, I had been in some sort of relationship with some guys, and I do like to talk to them about anything that came up in my mind or a conversation about the world and things that makes up this quirky world intresting and disturbing.

To have no conversation at all ... well, bleh. Even a lil conversation which doesnt have to be highly intellectual or stimulating was better than none. I had been with a guy who I never talked much after sex. In fact, our conversation has deterioted to meaningless noises that is not even a moan of pleasure. And that was before the sex part begun.

Well, it was a hint that our relationship - me and the guy was going dead - but he wanted to continue and I wanted to end. Guess who won? I dumped my ex-bf and he hated my guts for that.

rm_tracy99 50M
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7/21/2006 3:50 pm

Hey there...u've got massively gorgeous eyes. I am intrigued by your blogs - expressive and honest - must be tell tale signs of your own personality. Would be great to have a chat soon.

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