the plot......thickens  

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the plot......thickens

installment requested and now available,
The Last Time She Teased-
read the first here: The Last Time She Teased

He left me there, exposed and vulnerable and walked across the old persian rug. The door creaked ajar enough for his face to poke through. Whispers. Some affirmative agreement and the door left slightly ajar. I could see out into the office of Principle Baileys' secretary. She wasn't at her desk. I felt like his plans were interrupted and i was safe. He'd be coming back to untie me. I was relieved and a little let down. I would have never guessed him for this type of pervert. Still uncomfortably bent over the desk, I asked,
"Can I go now?"
"No, (small chuckle) I don't think so."
I kept looking at the open door, watching a white blouse walk past again and again
"She's going to see what you're doing", I whispered.
"So you want to be saved by someone Jessica? It won't be Mrs. Payne."
He made his way back to my bare thigh. My skirt rehiked back up above my waist, and my panties pulled below my knees. I could feel the draft as he walked past.
He cupped my ass in his large hands and squeezed hard. It hurt. I grimaced. I felt him pull his hands apart and I felt embarrassed as the cold air made contact with my inner lips.
His knees creaking, I felt a breath..... a warm sigh, and then, lightening struck. I felt the tip of a hot wet tongue push past my lower pussy lips into the barrel of my wet sleeve, while his hands kept me parted.
"Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh" I pushed backward toward his face. He read me right and pulled away.
Fucking tease. Wait til I tell everyone what he did. He's in so much trouble.
While I ranted in my head, I saw the light from the hallway invade the dark study of my prison. It was his secretary, and she seemed completely unsurprised.
She could see on my face the stunned look of disbelief. Older woman, my moms age, but very pretty, longer hair, dark eyes and hair, and I'm not into that sort of thing- girls, but she saw what he was doing and didn't even flinch. My gosh it's a school of perverts! (i laughed thinking that included myself-my mind floated- Hmmmmm held back one year, I was going to be 19 before I ever got out of here or be thrown out beforehand. Now, I don't know what's going to happen. "What the" was all that came out of my mouth before Mrs. Payne walked up behind me.
"Paul. She's lovely. Such a strong headed slutty type."
"Yeah.It's a pity we couldnt' keep her here all day. "Oh wait," he laughed. "We can."

My back was killing me.
"May... I please stand? My back is hurting." I figured by being polite, I was getting somewhere. Mr. Bailey came around to my hands and untied me. He guided me to standing and my legs were weak. I felt more in control now, pulling my panties up.
"Wait just a moment."
"No. You wait a minute. You're going to be in lots of trouble."
"Oh really?" He picked up the heavy files of my , er, indiscretions at school.
I wasn't going anywhere. He was right.

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Mrs. Payne?? Hehehe...funny. Can we change his name to Mr. A. Gunnie?

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Don't Know Nuthin bout bout the class i took!

That song echoes in my mind. Dang It All!!! You are my master...I will obey...I will read your next installment.

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