LAYDAR- how to know if that woman wants you  

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7/11/2006 8:48 am

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LAYDAR- how to know if that woman wants you

or man, or couple or yak or....
It's a public spot. Niceties exchanged. You think you feel something. Is she looking at you?
I mean excessively? Does he seem to be interested in more than your bike? How does one tell? Clue phone, if she is rubbing her nipple, chances are good, you will get to also. LOL
I bet there have been tons of times when the person across from you was imagining you fucking them silly and you missed it.
sigh. Now pirates, there are shames, and there are damn shames, and that is a damn shame.
I think i have laydar but a beautiful girl totally fooled me the other week so maybe even my skills need honing. She said I wasn't at all like she thought i'd be.. which I felt maybe must have been a disapointment. She kept wanting to talk to me, though. I was confused. My laydar was NOT going off. Turns out, says she, that she was definitely interested and my genius self missed it. So who the hell am I to give advice?
First off, from a girly point of view: gents, if you meet a lady, shy or not, signals will be given. This is totally anectdotal so feel free to disagree in comments, we'll all learn a thing.
But if a woman is touching her hair, adjusting things, smiling and fidgetty, she may just like you and care what you think. If she's the bitch type, she may try very hard to make you think she DOESN'T care which is also a positive signal. but then she's still a bitch. think about that for a mo. PLEASE DON'T think I'm talking about the word "NO". No eye contact in the world says "touch my tits." NONE. You have soft squishy balls just so we can clearly state our displeasure over "isshuhs" like that.
But i'm talking about reading signals on whether to ask her out again, or kiss her, or say- hey maybe you, me and the Cock Ness Monster* should go back to my place. Disinterested signals include yawning, looking at a watch, telling you how busy she is and will be for a while, looking at other people while talking to you, lack of eye contact, etc. Email clues are NO REPLIES- Here's another: the words "GOOD LUCK" at the end of an email mean- go away.
Actually the best case scenario is someone that can speak their mind very clearly and not mince words. That's the best kind because they are probably great in bed and not game players. That doesn't mean that the best way to approach said person is an email asking you to suck their cock. From an email recipient of many of those. IT's really reallly hard to turn that down but somehow I have to. ahem.
And I don't mince words when i say that.

*The Cock Ness Monster- actual horror porn flick from the 80's
others I wish were created:
Creamer vs. Creamer
On Golden Blonde
Face On
Not Without My Anus
Forest Hump
CockWork Orange- a sick twisted tragedy about a gang of maniacs who eat cheetos
Two For Teabagging
Apollos' 13

Eastside__Devil 37F

7/12/2006 8:59 am

ahh porn titles, though there is one called a clockwork orgie which is set up like the kubrick film but with women wandering around men and really really bad acting

rjmaggie 51M
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7/14/2006 10:53 pm

We could all use help fine-tuning the LAYDAR! You feel so stupid when you miss the cues - makes you want to shake the person and say "just tell me what you're thinking!" There are too many people who are not direct. I'd love to hear more "tips" from everyone.

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