The Perfect Tale  

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8/17/2006 6:57 pm

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The Perfect Tale

Mood: Whimsical...just for today

Today and just for today...I'd like the fairytale romance.

The handsome prince will come to my work and sweep me off my feet. He'll kiss me softly and beckon me to go away with share the solitude of a lovely meadow and partake in a sumptuous luncheon of this and that which he has brought along...knowing that I will go...and, of course, I do. He arranged everything ahead of time. My co-workers are smiling from ear to ear...and bid us adieu.

He takes my hand and steers me to the door. We depart without a second glance. I am all his. The sound of his voice is like a drug. He draws me in with it. We go out to the car that is awaiting us. Ever the gentleman, I step in first...and he follows close at my heels. Then he pulls me into his warm embrace for the duration of the ride to our meadow. He holds me if I am fragile..breakable..ever so precious. His one true treasure.

Whilst lunching we shall talk and smile and laugh and maybe even sing a little. We shall have fun just being together...not doing anything in particular but we won't think on that. It will just seem the most natural and most important thing on earth....for us to be together....right then....right that way.

As twilight starts to streak the sky, he will take me in his arms once again and promise me the moon and the stars, the rainbows and the sunsets...and share with me vivid tales of him and of me and of all our tomorrows. He'll speak of the things we shall do and the joys we shall know. Of the sights we shall share...together...we two. Glimpses of those magical moments that are so few in our lifetimes shall come pouring from his lips. So wonderful. I'll be comfy...and thoroughly awestruck at the thoughts he has had. Amazed that someone could pour out their me...because I mean that much to him.

The way in which we mesh together in those tales. The intense feeling of longing never to be known again. The all-encompassing feelings of pure, true love and trust. The kind with no doubt and no fear. No worries of not being good enough, not measuring up...because I do and he professes I always have. He says it is so...and I believe him...his honesty is spilling out in every phrase....every nuance. He sees me down to my barest essence and he is thoroughly and completely enamoured. He has waited a lifetime for me...and I for him. I know this now.

He tells me that all those faults we have are just character marks. The things that attracted each of us to the other in the first place. But that spark...the one that draws us together. It is something otherworldly. It came not from the body...not from the brain...not from the soul but from all of them. It is the kind of attraction that you hear about. The kind that they talk about from the time you are a wee child. You see it in books and movies and on the TV. It's unrealistic...but it makes you feel warm inside to think on it...each and every time. I know now that I am priveleged...I have found what they speak of. It's not unrealistic...and it's not storybook...but it is the fairytale. It's our fairytale.

Yet again, he lets me know he's not perfect...but he is perfect...perfect for me. We get along in all the ways that really matter. We complete each other. Our thoughts are not always the same...they are different enough to make things exciting and lively...but they are similar enough to make us thrill at the verbal exchanges we share. And the passion that courses through us. The need...the want...the drive to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. To leave each other soaking and sated. Our discussion trickles off into the comfortable silence familiarity brings.

Dusk settles in like a blanket. We sit for what seems like hours...just holding each other and watching the world go by. Finally, it is time to go. He helps me up. The glow of our hearts engulfing us in our own secret little world. The world that was born so long ago. The roots of our lives are now irrevocably entwined. They are strong roots...ones that can last. We will nurture them sweet prince and I. We will weather the storms. And arrive happy...when all is said and done.

I know it's not sex...but it made me happy to dream a little dream.


shybutneedinit 48F

8/18/2006 6:09 am

Lissi, its never all about sex, dreaming is good for the soul! Without dreams you got nothing to achieve. I love that story, I got a few dreams of my own, Might just have to share them in my blog although I am not as articulate as you. Keep it up gf!

Dalmy67 49F

8/18/2006 9:20 am

Oh fantsatic dream...!!! What a shame that we have to fantasize about truth and honesty though, eh??

SirMounts 103M

8/23/2006 6:47 pm

That was a particularly beautiful and wonderful post, lis.
Not surprising though, coming from the beautiful and wonderful... you. *smiling warmly*

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