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7/13/2006 5:33 pm

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OK...some of you may not know what I'm talking about but others do very well.

To start off with, texting is sending messages back and forth to others through your phone. It's fun when it's something simple and/or happy but when it's serious and you want to actually show real time emotions...it's not easy and can become TEXTING HELL!!!!

The first level of texting hell is not spell-checking. This one is easy to remedy as you just go ahead and when they question it...you put the RIGHT word in.

The second level of texting hell is the innocuous smartass comment. This is not a bad thing necessarily and can be easily discussed with a few more texts to let the other person know you were just kidding (cause they obviously didn't get that with your smartass text)

The third level of texting hell is the comment that should have had LOL but without it makes you look like a complete asshole. You end up explaining it for quite a while and then still feel like a schmuck for a week because of it.

The fourth and final level of texting hell is the important stuff. Those times when you need to convey exactly what you are feeling but you have such a short space to do it in. You end up missing stuff and getting so frustrated that you curse T9 and every person that went into the making of this thing called TEXT.

Yes, TEXT really is a four-letter word and not for the faint of heart.

Remember....Be careful...always spellcheck...read your comments through a couple times BEFORE you press send and ALWAYS CALL if it's important....don't text it...cause that person needs to hear you.

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The Golden Egg

Dear *Liss* ~~ I am leaving you this "Golden Egg", as a sign of friendship, hope and ... something just simply to make you *SMILE*!

Please be sure to read the link, to truly appreciate and "Pay It Forward".

((((( hugs )))))

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