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8/27/2006 3:43 pm

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Back to Basics

Starting over. We all do it. Sometimes its easier than others. Sometimes we aren't ready and at others we are. I am ready. I want it. I need it.

Why does it seem when I want something a whole lot it just ends up taking forever to achieve it? I do realize that they say good things come to those who wait. Why don't they put some parameters on that stupid platitude? It is true...but waiting and waiting and waiting. It'll drive you foolish if you let it.

I know in this life I need to learn patience...and I'm getting there. Not near as antsy as I once was. Those of you that really know me might be aghast...but yes, I used to be worse...much, much worse LOL.

So what's involved in getting back to basics? (You can ask...I'll wait) OK...I've been thinking about it lots, as you can well imagine. Cleaning and trashing to my mind is the biggest thing.

In my house, I'm conducting my own personal little Clean Sweep, as it were. (If you haven't seen the show Clean Sweep, a team of people get together and help a couple to clean up a part of their living space. This includes taking everything out of the space and getting their junk whittled down to a reasonable amount of stuff that will actually fit back into the space and look nice.) I am me...and not a team so it'll take me longer but I am hoping that when I move I will be decluttered to the max. That's my goal anyway.

The cleaning and trashing has reached the job level too. As previously posted, I was layed off. Now I'm starting the job hunt anew and taking on Toronto LOL. OK...not really taking it on but going out and showing those eager employers that I AM the person for the job they have to offer. I will be making more as well. I have the knowledge now that demands it. Just have to sell me. I'm good at selling me. Don't like selling other stuff...but selling me is easy . Now don't get me wrong. I'm not this naturally cocky person...but when it comes to what I can do...well, if I can do something, I'll shout it from the rooftops.

On the personal side, I'm making the final break with a man I met on this site 7 years ago. Sure, he'll always be in my life but I am no longer bound to him. The septic relationship we've had for years will hopefully become a working friendship. For now I'm just glad to be moving into a place free of that kind of drama. My best friend is much more stable and realistic. And yes, my best friend actually likes sex.

Fact...I've been married a total of 22 years to two men. Both men started out liking sex but ended up having low libido's and being unable to perform. My b/f says he's never had issues in that regard and we'll put that to the test Seriously, I can't live a sex-free life. I'm not that kind of person.

So...the only true baggage I'm taking with me is the wee one. He's my constant travel companion for this leg of my journey through life. I like him. He's energetic and keeps me hoppin'. Little dude is fun and so smart. Figure whatever else comes my way, he'll always be aboard and ready for the ride. He's good that way. He likes adventure. Well, he comes by the adventure bug was bred into him...his mom is the same damn way LOL.

So, I have a plan of action. I'm ready for this. I'm working it. It's that time when I need to put up...cause I certainly won't shut up (I'm bad about that anyway LOL ).

shybutneedinit 48F

8/28/2006 4:34 am

to myself, Change can be so many things... scary, exciting, etc etc. But Change is also excellent, gives new perspective , and that is always good. Keep it up girly, and your little man is sooooo lucky to have a mom like you

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