Animal Magnetism (OK...not THAT kind!!!!) Part 1  

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Animal Magnetism (OK...not THAT kind!!!!) Part 1

I read a friend's blog and he got me to thinking about my animals over the years. Most of 'em furry ones...two not furry at all.

Let's start with the first not furry one. I had an iguana once, Iggy (yeah I know...I'm real original LOL ). He was a good iguana and lived a good life. He was my friend from the moment I saw him in the pet store. He loved basking in the sun and gobbled up the food I made for him. I would swear he kissed me a few times too...others said he was tasting...but I don't agree. Kinda gross fact here...he passed a while ago and I keep him in my freezer. I just can't bear to bury him at this stupid apartment complex. He needs a decent resting place and I keep looking. When I find it, he will finally be put to rest. Until then, he will reside in the bottom of my freezer and freak out those unsuspecting people who delve too far into the nether regions.

My second non-furry animal friend was Barney (yes, my oldest son named him right at the height of the Barney craze in the early 90's). Barney and his brother Elmo came to us as babes. They were cute geese. But really, I mean...GEESE? Hello??? We lived in a house in the suburbs. What the hell was I going to do with two geese? Oh, well. Figured I'd have to give it a go (and gave my ex-husband a few major expletives regarding appropriate pets for children who live in the suburbs and already have 5 dogs and a cat LOL ).

Little known fact if you weren't raised on a farm...a bathtub is no place for geese as they grow older. It's messy as hell and you have to disinfect constantly and thoroughly so your family won't get sick. One of those things I wish they'd told me more BEFORE they brought the geese home.

Poor little Elmo died within three days. He just wasn't a strong little thing. Barney, however, thrived. Barney was a good goose. He would follow me around the backyard and liked to sit on my lap every once and a bit. In short order he had his own outside pool and his own pen. Barney also grew and grew quickly. With that normal growth, he also learned he could honk. I know...honking is normal vocal behavior for a goose...but in our neighborhood it wasn't appreciated. Pretty soon, the humane society was politely knocking at the door letting us know that raising farm animals in the city was not allowed and Barney had to be relocated. On a crisp fall day, we took Barney down to the pond at the SPCA. They had a flock of geese that were there permanently and they'd take care of feeding him. He'd also be able to check out all the pretty girl geese and maybe have a gosling or two. We went down to visit him a couple of times after that...and he was doing well.

Now on to furry...and the cats. I've had three cats sort of...I'll explain further down the one that was sort of mine. Nico was a siamese cat that I had as a young child...cute and sweet. We were living in Misawa, Japan. My parents found out real early that I was allergic to cats but, it ended up, not to Siamese cats LOL. Nico was perfect for us. At about 18 months old, Nico just up and disappeared one day...all of a sudden. Don't read this part if you love animals...just skip to the next paragraph. A week after Nico's disappearance, the restaurant around the corner was busted for serving "other" meat. In their list of "other" meat was cat, rat and dog. We always figured poor Nico became part of someone's sukiyaki. I hope he tasted good cause he really was a sweet cat. Yeah...that's sick...but doggone it, what else can I hope????

My second cat was Misty (he had one green eye and one blue eye). Misty was a charcoal gray cat with black stripes...and he was, in a word, beautiful. Such a sweet disposition. Misty was my first animal after I moved out on my own. I had him and my cocaine-addict roommate (yeah long story in that roomie) had Misty's sister. Seemed I wasn't allergic to this cat but didn't get to keep him long. It turned out that I needed to move to Washington state (story there too LOL ) when he was just about eight months old and had to give him away. Hopefully he lived for years and years and was allowed to become a fat old housecat. That's what I would've hoped for him.

Last of the cats was Twitty Kitty. Twitty wasn't really my cat (even though I fed her). Twitty's mom was my dog Tina. Tina found Twitty one day while we were on our walk. She picked up the poor kitten and wouldn't put her down. Tina ended up carrying poor Twitty home cause she didn't want us to touch her. We looked around and put up posters to see if we could find Twitty's biological mom but to no avail. Seemed we had a kitten. Don't know if we could have given her back anyway. Tina had adopted her and that was that LOL.

You'd have to know my dog Tina. She was this teeny weeny thing. Half miniature poodle, half miniature schnauzer. We did the responsible thing and had her spayed when she was a puppy. Only dog I ever regretted having spayed. You see Tina was a natural mother. She was forever grooming and bossing all the other dogs.

In our family's animal hierarchy, Tina was number 2 dog...but the alpha female LOL. Oh boy was she the alpha. We didn't call her the little bitch for no reason LOL. Tina's special place was under the bed. And if she was in a mood, watch out. She'd come out from under the bed snarling and nipping. When she figured out you were human, she'd turn around and go back to her space like nothing had happened...but if you were another dog...heaven help you LOL.

I like to think that Tina took to that kitten cause she found the perfect chance to have a child. (I knew how the poor thing felt. We had recently adopted my oldest son...and I was the same damn way). It didn't matter to her that her child was from another species (for the oldest son is human...just keeping that straight for you all LOL ). She knew how to take care of Twitty. And she did. It was amazing.

The other dogs were not allowed to go near the kitten for at least 3 weeks. We didn't stop em...nope..not at all. We didn't need to. Tina was in Mama mode LOL. She'd attack the other dogs just for looking at her baby wrong LOL. Now Twitty wasn't sure she liked Tina right off...but Twitty was smart. I think that kitten actually knew that Tina was the reason she was alive and understood that it was Tina that stood between her and those big huge dogs with the big teeth that kept eyeing her like today's blue plate special.

Time went on and the other dogs got with the program. Sure there were games of catch the kitty but it was all in play. Twitty liked her 4 doggy friends and slept with her doggy mama for the rest of her life. Twitty was very independant. The quintessential outside cat. She would come in only when it was necessary (snow on the ground or freeze your ass off cold). Elsewise, she was a wanderer. As Twitty got older, she got more of a wanderlust in her. She'd stay gone all day and then come back and eat her dinner and visit her mom of an evening. After about 4 years of this, one day she didn't come home. Never did find out what happened to Twitty...but I know she was free from the earth or she would've come home. She always came home to her mom.

To be continued...

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    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    That was looking forward to more about your pets.
thanks mzhuny...I surely will write about them again.

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