Two Skies  

liquid_light 45M
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3/12/2006 10:25 pm

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3/21/2006 2:30 pm

Two Skies

Today there were two skies above me.

When I was returning to my home, and my spirits were high, the sky was the most beautiful of creations, and I marveled at its color. The clouds raced by, each with its own purpose, yet melding unselfishly into the pattern of the whole, serving without feeling used, completing the puzzle without becoming lost in it.

When I left my house again, angry, confused, and hurt, the sky, when I noticed it at all, was puzzling and ominous. It threatened rain; it was dominant, and the clouds, rather than choosing their paths with wisdom and grace, were blown recklessly toward fates unknown.

I can know this intellectually. There is only one sky. But when will I know this in my heart, and when will the oneness of things shatter these illusions and grant me the peace of which I have had fleeting glimpses, but which is so often elusive?

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