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4/20/2006 7:24 am

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I have an odd sexual situation to describe, and I'm really hoping to get feedback on this.

My wife and I have pretty different sex drives. That's not odd, of course. But when she is in the mood (maybe once a month), the sex is great...for about 5 minutes at most. She has an orgasm so quickly that it makes my head spin. Having had lovers that were unable to achieve orgasm, my wife's ability at first seemed like a dream come true. And she's very good at it! It's beautiful to watch! No more guilt about being the only one getting off. karma would takes me much longer than her, and unlike previous lovers, she has no interest in continuing to make love after her orgasm. She gets tired, stops moving, asks me to stop. Which I do, every time, because it's no fun if the other person isn't into it. But it's been over a year since I had an orgasm during sex, and I'm starting to get a little resentful. She's also not interested in oral sex (giving or receiving) so that's not an option.

My question many women experience this desire to stop making love after an orgasm? My previous lovers were all willing to keep going, and come again, for as long as I could. And when I've come first, I've always been willing to keep going for as long as I can maintain an erection, so as not to disappoint. I thought that the "grunt twice and fall asleep on top of your partner" thing was limited to men!

I adore my wife. I'm incredibly attracted to her, and I love to watch her come. But I would, occasionally, like to make love for longer so that I can come too.

Do other women perform this way? Has anyone gone through a stage where this was the case, and how did you get past it? Is it physical for you, or emotional/mental? By that I mean: does your body tense up, get lethargic, or lose sensitivity, or are you just no longer in the mood once you get off?

whathusband 45F

4/20/2006 7:55 am

Well, it kind of makes me feel bad to tell you this, but I have always been at the far away other end of the line on that. I am the type that loves to keep going until I can no longer keep my eyes open. My husband laughs at me, but appreciates it very much! I enjoy sex far too much to quit after one orgasm! I hope that she will open up to other ideas and try to make sure that you are satisfied too. Best of luck!

sweetphd2 52F

5/1/2006 6:08 am

I know that if I'm exhausted, which is rare when it comes to sex, that MIGHT happen...but doubtful. I love to come multiple times and usually have no control over it. I don't think I could come just once if I tried! I'm sorry that you are having such troubles with your wife, as nothing quite compares to sharing the feelings of giving each other pleasure when you truly like and love one another. Maybe if she spent some time masturbating, knowing what gives her pleasure and training her body to expect more. There is a good article in Cosmo this month that discusses how to train your body to have multiple orgasms....maybe she would like to read it and catch up with the rest of us. I hope you find satisfying sex, real soon!

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