Asking and getting  

liquid_light 44M
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5/1/2006 9:09 pm
Asking and getting

Mainly I want to point people to a wonderful post called [post 330680] by crazygurl2xx. There's so much hope in there it bubbles over!

In particular, the way she described the intentionality of the communication in her relationship seemed very important to me. Too often we feel "stuck" in something we can't change, not recognizing that if we figure out what we really want, and communicate it, we stand a better chance of getting it. I have to remind myself of that constantly: that the dialogs in my head aren't heard by my wife, and so to really get something I want I need to put it into words, carefully and kindly, but most importantly honestly. Somehow, my life has put me in a pattern of not asking, then not getting, then being mad that I didn't get. Where does that come from?

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