Pain is our friend.....  

liqueclit 58M
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3/17/2006 7:04 pm
Pain is our friend.....

Every had one of those days when you just hurt like hell? Man today was, and tonight is one of those times. I mean pain where you don't even think about sex or joy or family or anything but the pain?

Now I suffer from it, but rarely take anything for it. In my younger years I played sports, been in three car wrecks, was a bouncer and kept myself as limber as I could.

LESSON, never stop stretching & exercising. You don't have to kill your self or go for Ms.Atlas, but make it a point to stretch and walk at least 20 min. a day. It will also increase your sexual staying power and flexability.

That aside, tonight every thing just hurts and I don't have a friend just to give me a rub down. Not that that would relieve my eye stiffness and throbbing head, get your mind out of the gutter.

I miss Huntington and the Ritter Park party people I once knew there. Several would have dropped what they were doing, grabbed the baby oil and come over just to give me a massage. Of course I return the favor later.

Oil partys, oh those were the days. A huge sheet of plastic, and oils both body and cooking. The rule was no oral, no fingering and no fucking. Just a giant squirining mass of full body contact massage. Oh yes some clits need massaged and so do a few dicks. But for the most part it was great sensual delight.

But that's not likly tonight. Tonight it's a pint of Corona, 250 mg of over the counter pain relief and a show so hot as to turn me red.

And that brings me to the point, pain is our friend. When one of our adult frinds are in pain or need, we should step up and help.

Old school talking again here, That is what makes a swinger "Community."

It's really gonna hurt to get up out of this chair now.

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