The Kingofkings07 Picture  

liptrip4u 48F
78 posts
9/10/2006 6:46 am
The Kingofkings07 Picture

When I come to the blogger ville all the pictures are post to who's who. I tell you the truth everytime I log in ole kingof kings got his dick in my face. So I take a closer look at it and it came to me his cock looks just like the male sperm cell. He should be carefully with that tool it could be a deadly weapon.

You know how all the images of the sperm you ever seen? Millions racing to the egg and only one gets in? Well I have seen his picture at least 20 times that's how many post I made over this year maybe, and thought he has the cock that does not have to have millions of sperm running loose he can just deep stroke in and knock on the egg and say "baby I'm home!"


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