Story number 5  

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8/23/2006 9:30 am
Story number 5

You couldn’t sleep. The few hours since I left had been long and uncomfortable for you. Limited in movement, I left you with only the turning of the clock and the memories of last night and this morning to keep you busy while you awaited my return. But what memories they are. Your sore flesh is still tender from my stiff leather strap, and you enjoy knowing that I would return to find you waiting so patiently and well marked from the previous night. You feel blood rushing to your face in a blush as you think about the fact that I would find you ready for me as well. Your thighs are slick, and waiting has become an erotic exercise at this point. Your shoulders are stiff from being held in position for so long. You wiggle up on the bed to ease them. The bed sheets rub your sore ass and a cry escapes your lips before you can stifle them. A deep ache centers in your abdomen and warmth spread through your body as you remembered me counting out the strokes last night, and you remember thanking me after each one. You hadn't been restrained then-- except by your desire to please and serve me. Holding still had been terribly hard and then, of course rewarding when I petted, praised you.

Frustrated by the binding on your legs and wrists, your thighs shift, restlessly, but you receive little respite from the hunger that is building inside you. Resigned to waiting for my return a little longer, you drift off to some strange and erotic dreams....

...... You are watching me shower. The shadow of my hands stroking my body as I turn beneath the water. In the funny way of dreams, my hands are also on you. Strong hands moving so gently, but you know that I’m not aware of you watching. You feel terribly naughty for spying on me. Your hands start to caress your pussy lips and I turns in the shower and look right at you.

It is a shock to feel my hand on your ass. My hands jerk you back from a half-plane of sleep. You imagine each individual welt under my firm hold. A fist of desire grabs you, low in your tense, firm stomach as you strain towards my clever fingers. The strength of your response shocking. How can I arouse you so with just my touch? Everything is bright and intense after being bound so long. Then you are gone, moving up the bed towards my face.

Before you can say hello, my cock is pressing against your lips. Oh, yes! Licking the head, you try to draw me further into your warm soft mouth with the force of your tongue. Straddling your chest, awakening the stripes you left there with that delicious strap. Now your world has shrunk to the sound of my voice and my throbbing cock filling you... filling your mouth. As I move in and out of your mouth, you kiss and stroke and lick and beg me with your fervent The bonds are no longer uncomfortable. They only remind you that you are mine. Tentatively, slowly, your tongue begins to lap at my balls, and you whimper that your mouth is empty and how mush your slut needs me.

I flip me to YOUR belly and pull your hips up, until your perfectly round ass is open to me. It is covered by the stripes and marks that I made last night. You cry out as I tug hard on the chain that stretches between your hard nipples. You had forgotten it was their, until the re-awoken pain streaks through you. You are breathing heavy, and grinding your teeth, as I slap you hard on the ass, and demand the your silence.."

You nod your head, chastised. Your ass burning again, and each of your perfect tit are throbbing now with the reminder that your nipples have been tortured through-out a night for my pleasure. You feel your thighs quiver, and bite back a plea, not willing to object to anything I desire. Then my hard, throbbing cock rubs slowly against your cunt, torturing your already wet and swollen pussy. Your back arches without thinking, as a swiftly enter you, filling you. It feels so good to be inside you. You make me so unbelievably hard and each stroke burns with a peculiar mix of pain and pleasure that I associate only with you.

We are breathing hard and fast now, my fingers are digging into your hips. Little grunts and moans escape our lips when our bodies thrust into each other. The leather cuffs cut deeply into your skin and your tender breasts are forced hard against the bed as I fill me over and over. You grunt with the force of my pounding and concentrate on the burn of your ass under my hands, the white-hot pain in your breasts... anything to keep from cumming before you have permission. Your body is writhing in need for me as I rub my cock over your sweat soaked skin. Your pussy is so swollen that you can feel the lips pressing against your own thighs when I turn you again and move to the head of the bed.

Your hungry mouth opens. Serving, as I demand. My cock fills your mouth again, your eyes seek mine as you swallow against the head of your cock, you thrust your hips against the air, begging silently for relief. Removing my cock from your mouth, my quick, sure hands caress your skin. Pressing hard against the raised stripes. you bite your lip to keep from crying out and strain towards my touch. I pinch and pull and slap and bite until you are mindless with it. Your skin is hot and red, molded by me. I remove the clamp from one of your nipple and replace it with my mouth. You can't help the scream that escapes you, as I bite down while the blood rushes back into your nipple. My hands are everywhere except where you want them the most, building a mindless need that throbs between your thighs until you are begging please, please and thrashing your head from side to side.

You feel my strong hand close around your other breast and you tense, knowing Iwill remove that clip now. Squeezing, it is as good as my hand on your cunt. You can feel your pussy tightening, contracting, and swelling with pleasure. You jerk when I pull the clip from your tortured nipple and you beg me to use my mouth. Oh fix it, please please. My palm cups your swollen breast, easing the burn. You thank me, plead with me. “fuck me again, please now, fuck me.” You are demanding instead of asking. You can't seem to stop yourself. Whimpering now, "I need you.” I like hearing you get hot and desperate.

Only when the dull pull of your shoulders changes do you realize that I have removed the bindings from your wrists. You rub your shoulders, slowly; each movement seems to take longer than it should. I begin to pull you by your feet to the edge of the bed, pressing your thighs up, up. You can feel your ass lifting from the mattress and I thrust my painfully throbbing cock into you. More babbling. You wish that you could stop; or at least make sense. I am pressing slowly into your pussy and moving out until you grasp and squeeze your muscles, desperate to keep me in you. It is hypnotic, this slow rhythmic fucking. When you reach your hands up to squeeze your breasts together, to rub and pinch at your nipples I make an odd noise. You know that I love to watch you caress yourself. The friction of my cock is spreading warmth low and deep through us. You recognize my body's response, knowing the pleasure gathering up in me will be a delicious orgasm soon. You let yourself go completely, absorbing the demands of your Master's cock, hearing the sound of sweat slicked skin slapping with each smooth thrust, smelling the air that is heavy with our sex. Begging in little wheezy bursts, "please, now, say yes." Your eyes fly wide when I quietly answer no. "Then stop,” you are begging, "It is too good, so good."

In response I grab both of your nipples and jerk upward. You am not prepared for the pain. Squealing as I tug harder, pinch more firmly. You stammer out a thank you as I continue to fuck you relentlessly. My fingers are plucking softly at your nipples, playing them like a guitar. You almost wish for the pain again as your body quivers with need. It is long minutes of pleasure before I stop and motion you to your knees before me. You scramble off the bed as fast as you can. My cock is covered in your slick juice and you are trembling, begging silently for me to allow you to take my cock into your mouth again. I tease your lips. Using my hand on the shaft to brush the head softly across your mouth. Pulling away each time you open it to snake your tongue out. Your face is slicked now with your own juices I tell me to move my knees farther apart and to stroke myself.

You think that it is most natural thing to rub your fingers delicately across your clit. You know what I see. Your head falls back and you focus only on your fingers. One hand spreading your lips wide and exposing your clit, another brushing down again and again across it. You can feel yourself wet against your heels. You slide two fingers into your tight pussy rubbing, stroking, building a fierce need. You cup a breast and bring it to your mouth. licking and biting at it, arching your back so that your busy hand is still visible on your dripping pussy. Sucking your nipple, You use the fingers of one hand to expose your pussy. Bringing a stinging slap to it with the other. The moment is so erotic.

Uncontrollably, I grab you by your shoulders, and raising you to your feet, I press you against a wall. Eagerly, your hand grasps my cock, and guides it inside of your slick, wet pussy. I grab your arms, and wrap them around you’re my neck. Thrusting against each other, pounding, in a primal frenzy, our bodies coming together. With a cry we both cum together, out legs covered in our juices. You give out a little scream of surprise when I grab you by the hair, and throw you down, on your belly across the bed. Your scream of surprise turns into a murmur of pleasure, as I begin to like your pussy clean of our juices. Nuzzling my head against your warm, smooth, slick thighs Your hands grab the sheets, and your legs start to quiver, as waves of pleasure stat coursing through your body again. You can’t wait to see what the rest of the day holds in store.

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