Storey number 2  

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Storey number 2

It’s a hot August night, and you’ve just returned from work. Standing in the doorway, your figure is sillueted by the dying light of the sun. Your legs are spread, shoulder width apart, and your hands are rested on your hips. I could tell that it was going to be an interesting night. You had changed from your suit at the office. Now you are wearing thigh high black latex stockings and high heels on your long legs. Your outfit is completed with a short black skirt, and a dark purple corset.

“When you’ve finished washing the dishes, I have a job for you upstairs, you’d better finish your chores quickly.” It’s after you say this that I notice the belt dangling from your hand.

After I finish with the dishes, I walk upstairs. In my hands is a try with a bottle of Bin 555 on ice, and two glasses. “Here is your drink Madame …” you silence me immediately, with a crack of the belt in my legs.

"I want you to service me," you explain, nodding "I have certain things in the bathroom that you will use, the way I tell you. If you complain, I will make you suffer for it. If you are good, you will be rewarded. Understand?" I’m a smart man, as well as a man with an incredible hard-on at the moment. And, I nod back.

On the table next to the bed I find my pearl handled straight razor. Next to the razor is my mug of shaving cream, a ceramic bowl filled with steaming hot water, and a white cotton towel. I start to smile, and the belt cracks, this time on the side of my calf, which is exposed by my shorts.

"No jokes," you say. "I wouldn't want you to laugh and cut me." you instruct you to peel off your skirt, which I do, exposing black lace panties, your stockings shining in the light. You tell me to remove those also, and then you stand in front of me, naked from the waist to your heels. From my knees I am eye level with your pussy. I notice that it is already glistening with moisture.

"Now, I want you to shave me. Gently, carefully, and completely. The cleaner you make me, the better it is for you."

I begin my work, hands shaking. Slowly mixing the shaving soap with the brush, I begin to apply the suds to your already wet pussy. Using slow, broad strokes, almost caressing your pussy with the blade I start to shave your pussy. I use the cloth between passes, making sure that nothing impedes the razor's edge. As I get toward the most delicate work I pause, inspecting you as if you were a piece of sculpture. then I begin to treat you as one. I gently lift each of your lips and stroke them gently with the razor. I’m quick, but thorough, rubbing gently along each pink, swollen surface to ensure a job that no unwanted hair remains. At long last, you are satisfied. With the shaving, at least.

"Get me the mirror from the counter," you tell me. "I need to inspect your work." I hand you a compact mirror that you place between your thighs. Mimicking my gentle touches, you test each surface, watching my face, watching me watch you.

At this point I need something. Something more than teases and touches. I reach for you. My hands grasp your beasts, pinching your nipples. Nipples that are as hard as diamonds. Then you push me back, hard. You struggle back to a standing position, barely breathing.

"I want you...," you pant, "I need you to lick me...lick my clean, shaven pussy. I need your tongue inside me."

Leaning forward, knees cushioned by the washcloth on the floor, I press my face into your crotch. My lips and tongue are everywhere at first, then I begin to concentrate, driving my tongue against your clit, and then inside you, then back to your clit as I push one, two, three rough fingers inside you. You start to bite down on the belt to keep from screaming. You grab my head and grind against it, fucking my face the way I love to fuck yours.

And then, you can't wait any more. You push me back, one last time. You drop that damned belt and shrug out your corset. Before you I stand and turn you around, or even reposition myself, you are on top of me, straddling me, being impaled by my throbbing cock.

This time, the only thing keeping you from screaming is my shoulder, which you are biting like a sex-driven vampire. Your nails are cutting into my ribs, and blood starts to flow down my back.

I drive into you every bit as hard as you push yourself onto me. You force your breasts into my face, demanding that I bite your nipples. Harder, and Harder. I hear a short, sharp intake of breath, and for a second, I wonder if I’m hurting you, but I don’t care. I fuck you, hard. Your body, lips, and teeth beg me for it. Beg me for more, and I give it, over and over. Until suddenly you get off of me, and start to piss. You grab my cock, and begin to smack your pussy lips with it. Violently, you impale yourself on me again, ridding me passionately, Until finally, we cum. Our bodies convulsing together, clutching each other. Our nails and teeth drawing pictures of pleasure in each others bodies. Hard and low, with a guttural yell. On top of me, you whine and keen like a woman possessed, because you are.

We slump together, exhausted. After a few minutes of holding each other fiercely, you dismount, cum,dribbling from your bare pussy, and down your leg.

As you walk back into the bathroom you say, "You had better have this mess cleaned up by the time I’m out of the shower,” The belt is once again in your hand. I begin to change the sheets, fantasizing about tomorrow night, when I will chain you to the wall.

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