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12/12/2005 7:36 pm

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Just a notion for the ocean

a poem to get a day started

To what is Love

To what is love, a emotion one is not sure of to each its own definition

But when it comes to one or one thing we truly care about

what is that one to do?

Would one risk their life for someone?

When some one is devoted to one special person, its hard for him or her to have their mate apart from them

Love is encouraged by only a few words, most motion, but a lot of body language.

When recieving love and nourisment, its the best time when that special someone is around.

vuderhose 46M

12/12/2005 8:12 pm

Ah, Love anew.
How to proceed?
A state of mind?
Or an act,
A deed?
A lie to sheild oneself from harm?
A tie to link the guiles of charm?
A moment lost?
A moment wasted?
Sweet fruit deserved but not yet tasted?
What is this "Love"?
For whom this all is done?
For me,
A Love is anticipated and encouraged,
By blind eyes that only hear.
Blind eyes,
Closing still through the years.
Angry words still chastise,
My Heart.
Deaf ears that never hear the coo,
Only trembles,
And aches when thoughts of you intrude my mind,
And think me better lost,
But still...
I remember how my heart once lept.
Cherished are all the memories I've kept.
Even as I sit in darkened room.
I guess,
Once, you knew me,
And I the joy of Love,
You see!?
In my Heaven,
Not ours,
I'm still the Groom.

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