15 drunken minutes with Mookie  

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6/27/2006 11:11 am

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15 drunken minutes with Mookie

La de fucking da. typing typing typing.

I went out drinking today. One or two drinks because I have a meeting tomorrow. It was a shit day today. People bitching and moaning. I stayed behind after work only to have my boss assign more work (after hours). Friend calls me out to bitch about his branch. Meet some girl he works with. She molested me half the night and stole my tie.

Now I am at home. I watched Band of Brothers. I have no other outlet for my sexual frustration besides typing in a stupid blog. A blog that one day someone I know will read, and use against me, if there is any justice in the world.

Luckily for me, there is none. So let's continue.
... ... ... lately, I've been freaking out. I caught a cough, so I can't go swimming.

That means no working out.

That means all logic, all thinking and all normal thought processes have been replaced with the single overwhelming urdge to hump something. It doesn't really matter what that object is.

This mysterious process causes men to do stupid things. Pay women to massage them with soap; pay for dinners and hotels; do all manner of stupid things. Even join gyms. So, women are more sensible right? Get this...

Guy at work... works in a small school. Him and one staff. He eats strawberries for lunch. She eats his strawberries. She goes down on him (during lunch break). She does this 4 times on 2 seperate occasions. Story finished...

almost. She goes home. She talks to her boyfriend. She feels guilty and confesses....

-but not guilty enough to confess everything. She tells him "he touched my leg". The boyfriend goes to work and complains to said-coworkers boss' boss for about 3 hours. Coworker gets transfered because he can't tell them what really happened.

As one of my friends but it "The staff was an idiot".

The staff was in good company.

*This was 15 drunken minutes with Mookie*

cupidsmistress 39F
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6/27/2006 3:43 pm


Better luck next time.
I always find toys work best when no ones around.

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