Anyone have an ice pack?  

lilmisspriss24 36F
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7/23/2006 12:19 am
Anyone have an ice pack?

Well my hubby had two days off in a row. That meant a long weekend in bed for us. I'll spend the next week trying to sit. LOL!!!!!!! Really though it was nice just playing around all day. The best part was the shower. You guys have no idea how sexy it can be to have your hair washed for you! I had no idea our shower door could take being banged for an hour. You would think the glass would break. Anyway, I love to cook so I thought we could eat a great dinner in the nude. Fun eating but not so good cooking in the nude. The spag. sauce started boiling and the only thing it decided to hit was my left breast. I mean the stupid sauce had the stove, sink, or floor to choose from but no it had to hit me. Well the cooking was dangerous but at least the rest of the time was fun. I think I'll keep the details to myself for now but I will ask this does anyone have an icepack? If so let me know b/c I sure need it.

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