puppy love?  

lil12pups 56M
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4/21/2006 2:58 pm
puppy love?

Oh that's just GREAT!

You big, giant idiot!

I haven't felt these feelings for so long that it's taken me a week to figure it out.

I'm lovesick. I'm a big lovesick puppy with lead in my chest, saggy eyes, lack of appetite, sleepless....


I am an idiot! At 44 years old, I'm lovesick.

I met a woman in here a week ago. Easter Sunday it was. Evening. We hadn't planned to meet, but we met. I got kissing... I got hugging... I got... (well, let's not get too personal.. because I don't have her permission to speak of her).

And then, basically, I kind of got dumped.

We had a flurry of exciting emails. We were so worked up to meet each other. Suddenly, the planets shifted, all the clocks were in synch, and we met.

And then I got my heart tore out. And I didn't understand until today what happened.

I'm lovesick. I have a huge crush on this person who can not return my love.


I'm frickin' 44 years old, and I fell in love? Just like that?

You have GOT to be kidding me. So that's what it is.

Why can't she return my love? Because I'm married. After we met, after our whirlwind of passion, the emails died down, I'm pacing the floor, I'm lost during the day, people are asking me what's wrong... I've got a terrible terrible crush on a woman who basically is now searching for someone else.

So why am I still married?

Because my wife... because my children....

(Because *I*... am scared?)

I'm scared.

All I wanted was to be valued as a sexual being. Why is this so complicated?

Who is responsible for this design plan. I want a word with Him.


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