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healthy, safe sex

Crazy, fun escapades, like just meeting someone for wild times, that sounds like fun. Sure, I might do that. But it would only work for me, I think, if it were totally anonymous, if it could be like a cruise ship or a convention somewhere, where I knew nothing of the other person's motivation.

But locally, for a meet to work, it just *has* to be like the neighbor boy and girl relationships I had as a child, always having known each other, growing up together, having little secret adventures together, like when I was growing up. A situation of mutual respect, comraderie, loyalty, esteem.

Healthy sex!

Two or more trusted allies, comrades, who, finding themselves alone and a bit randy, look at each other and almost simultaneously come up with the notion that this is a good time to ask a question about the other: "Ever wonder...."

"You bet! Do you?"

"Well, course I do." Then leaning toward each other, biting their lips, hearts beating heavy at thought "hey, this might happen," whispering, "Can I see yours? I'll show you mine."

Then silent nods. Slow motions at first, touching belt buckles, unsnapping pants buttons, unzipping, all the while watching the other.

"Wow. Say, do you ever..."


"Can I see you do it."

More lip biting, and then, "Okay."

Trading back and forth until one says, "Can I try something with yours?"

Very quiet whisper, afraid to hear their own reply, but saying it crisply with as little breath as possible, "Yes."

Moving closer together. Studying each other. Sampling each other. Learning through discovery.

And when it's over, being able to zip up, run outside, and still play tag or kickball, or study lessons.

The next day or the next week, catching each other's glances and then lip biting. Understanding exactly what that look means. The silent nod, then slipping off to a secluded place to....

Well, you know. Maybe invite another friend in at that point who had earned trust and seemed "ready."

Do you remember those days? Do you remember that kind of innocence, that kind of sexual newness, and that kind of mutual respect?

For me, personally -- and I know everyone has their own drummer -- I can't envision myself ever saying "I don't give a fuck who you are... bend over and let me cum in your ass, then leave me the fuck alone. I ain't your lover or your friend, bitch! I just need you to help me get off."

I can't take advantage of people weaker than me, or currently in a weaker state. Here are things I will never do:

1. Take advantage of you when you're drunk.

2. Use you for personal gratification when you are offering it up out of low self esteem, mental illness or temporary depression. I will not take advantage of confessed sex addicts, just the same as I would not play cards for money with a gambling addict, or offer an alcoholic a beer, just to watch them betrayed by their own weaknesses.

3. Trick you into trusting that I will be your friend forever when you most need one, just to achieve my own orgasm and abandon you.

4. Violate an actual (as opposed to role-played) position of authority over a subordinate, such as a child, a pupil, an employee or supervisee, etc.

I would not do these things to a friend. I would not do these things to a neighbor. I will not do these things to you. I have to know that you are choosing the adventure freely, out of your own genuine curiosity or genuine desire or genuine playfulness.

I do not want to come off being all condescending, as it were my job alone to decide if this person or that one is capable of making their own choices. But if I do sense something is amiss, that someone is operating from a weakness and not just genuine curiosity, genuine playfulness, a healthy lustfulness, I can't enjoy myself, and so I won't go that route.

But I won't abandon a friend, either. If I should ever for any reason say, "No, let's don't," I'm not leaving you alone. I will not reject a person at that point.

I will want them to "get better," hope that they maintain that lustiness (though it might disappear, if it were caused by ailment), and then, if they do... want to play with them and vice versa till we're completely sated, and not a moment before!

How's that? Does that make sense?


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