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4/9/2006 10:35 pm

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Kiss and Tell

Talking about kissing made me nostalgic. Wow. I sure knew some awesome kissers before I was married. My wife, never into it. I have missed out on over twenty years of kissing.

I see and stare at women's lips every day.

Right away comes to mind N**** W. She kissed weird, but I liked it. Somehow she thought kissing was done with reciprocating tongue, darting in and out like a machine gun. As long as she was enjoying, moaning and eyes rolled back, it was fine with me. She was a "big girl" and would climb up onto my lap and press so hard against my mouth, I thought my mouth would show bruises. I don't mind. It's worth it! She was Polynesian and had the darkest hair, the blackest eyes. Little pug nose that never "got in the way" of good kissing.

J*** was funny. Big wide mouth. Mmmmm.... But she liked to lock lips in the back seat while someone else (couple in front) were driving. Every pot hole risked our enamel. Lots of clacking of our incisors as our mouths smashed together over bumps. Then she would giggle or laugh in my mouth. It was cool! I miss that, too.

Ch**** was an athlete. I don't think I ever dated her when she'd just had a fresh bath. Always after she'd been at softball or running in track. Her kisses tasted of feminine sweat, were hot and hardworked.

M**** smoked too much. But I didn't take long to adjust to that. Another big girl--big eyes, too. Big breasted. Tiny butt (that was sort of out of balance, seems to me). But her mouth was MADE for kissing. I sooooo remember the feel of those lips on mine. I can't describe it (gave terrible bj's though... absolutely nothing going on there... only had the one, but never wanted another from here... her mouth was for kissing... all I can say).

L*** was much older than me. We were at a college party. She had come as the date of a senior. I was a freshman. I could see her looking at me a lot that night. She had been in high school when I was just a grade schooler, but she called me over to set with her. She sent her finance (it turns out) to get her a beer, and then she wrapped one arm around me head, said "I watched you grow up, you know. You don't know how long I've wanted to do this!" With that, she took all my breath away. I saw the stars past her face as I started to lay back, and then I closed my eyes, lost in the most passionate kiss in my memory. I didn't think she was going to stop.

When she finally did, I blinked at her repeatedly as she turned to face her returning fiance and took a beer from him. Wow.

C***** just tried to overpower me with her charms. Worked too hard at it, but I let her. It started with my mouth. She tasted so good. But she demanded she be in charge. She pushed me back on my dorm room bed and began kissing my face, my nose, my eyes, my cheeks. A lip-facial. And then her hands were under my shirt, stroking and scratching my chest hair. Then she forced up my shirt and began kissing and licking my nipples. I didn't understand that, but it wasn't unpleasant, so I let her. She was so enraptured in her work. Then she was back up to my hungry mouth. Mmmmmm.....

Then there was K***. She hated men. Was going through a divorce. She only ever kissed my cheek. Right on the bulge referred to as "the apple." Every single time she met or left me, or if I complimented her, or I made a joke. But when she pressed her lips there on my cheek, I could tell. I knew exactly what those lips would feel like on my mouth. She let me kiss her back on her cheek, and it was heavenly. I think I can kiss a woman just about anywhere and be overwhelmed my the report those two sensitive sentinels send back.

Every woman is so different. Every girl/woman I have ever held/kissed, so memorably unique.

The athlete is about the only one I don't care to try again. Who knows. Maybe if she had bathed and then brushed her teeth first or something, or at least drunk something to refresh her mouth.

Oh the memories.

Here ends the kiss and tell blog.


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