so much wild fun in one night  

likwetpuss 36F
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5/16/2006 11:51 am
so much wild fun in one night

one night about a year ago i was in this bar. I was havin a good time with some friends when i spotted this gorgeous girl across the bar. We smiled at each other again and again until she decided to come and talk to me. We talked for a bit and she said shae was interested in experimanting with another girl so i said if she wanted i could help.She smlied and invited me back to her place. I smiled and "said sure lets go". On the way to her place she said she lived with two other girls and i asked would they mind us having some fun she sad they would have no problem. As soon as we got in the door of the apartment she kissed me deep it felt so good as my hands started to roam over her hot body. Pretty soon we were both naked and made so much noise and her roommates came to investigate we were both blushing all over. I was suprised at what i heard next when one of the girls asked if the could join of coarse we both said yes. to be continued

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