A pre-spring story  

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3/1/2006 10:58 am

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A pre-spring story

I am layong on the bed when she walks into the room, and goes right to the bathroom and turns on the shower. She slowly takes off her clothes and tuns to me as she is getting into the shower, and motions for me to join her. I get in behind her and give her a long deep kiss, and pull her close to me. She hands me the soap and I start to wash her body, slowly soaping her tits and crotch. While she is rinsing off, she backs her butt into my crotch and starts to rub it slightly raising her ass to me. When I cant take it anymore, I grab her by the hips and bend her over and plunge my cock inside her.We make love in the hot steamy shower, and both of us climax at the same time, quivering while she is in my arms. We dont bother to dry off, we head straight for the bed, and she pushes me down onto my back, taking my dick into her mouth. She massages my cock and balls with her tounge until I explode in her mouth. She then climbs onto my chest and tells me it is her turn to cum in my mouth.I lick and suck her pussy with the greatest of care to ensure she has a very intense orgasm, and suddenly, she startsbucking and squirming telling me not to stop, that she is close, and all of a sudden ,I taste her sweet juices flowing out of her and into my mouth. We then lay beside each other and catch our breath and then I climb on top of her and we make love again until we both cum together again. I give her a deep kiss and hold her in my arms until we go to sleep, hoping when we wake up we can do it all over again. Just a little story to welcome March into 2006.

southrnpeach333 51F

3/10/2006 3:01 pm

Thanks for the March present. I enjoyed this.

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