nice to have FEmales looking at my ERECTION  

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11/8/2005 2:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

nice to have FEmales looking at my ERECTION

it's a bummer to have only men looking at my nude photos. Women like erections! just say the word and you've got their attention. I posted
ERECTION photos and got 60 views in 2 hours. I guess that is why viagra is such a big seller. glad i don't have to use it. yet. anyway, it was actually a response to a lady that wrote me a message titled, "limp dick", saying, "does that thing get hard?". well, she got results. ladies, all you have to do it ask. but then, what am I telling you that you don't already know. lots to that quiet lonely lady I'm trying to draw out and call lover. well, back to work for me. until tomorrow. se laisser vivre (to live for the day, to take life as it comes)

ps. took the photo laying naked in my back yard today. it was a beautiful day, the light breeze, the white clouds, leaves falling everywhere, sun bathing my skin. here's a little secret. I put a little oil on my "limp dick" and began stroking it from base to head, oh so nice. i spilled passion, could not help it, but i needed that so bad. i try to save it for my wife, but couldn't wait to our "scheduled" friday night rondeveous. what a relief. try it! oh there i go again, telling you something you already know. well, Il fait bon vivre! (It's good to be alive)

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