she attacked the one eyed monster  

lifeis4funlots 39M
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7/25/2006 7:47 pm
she attacked the one eyed monster

She isn't a very big girl,oh about almost 90 pounds.But she can use every mite she has.She hoovered above me looking down with these deep dark eyes, her head moved in a slow motion like a snake before a kill.She grazed her hair across my face just to tease what was about to happen.I watched as she slithered down my body to my monster that growingly awaits her attack.She takes hold grasping my base of the shaft.With her mouth she actually bites down for a second and virousious ly sucks me ,I couldn't hold it she tamed the beast for a second.I blew all along the back of her throat.I though she would spit or gag.But suck me and every bit of cum I could willingly and not allow out.She kept sucking the head of my cock was so tingly I became worried about my childrens future of what might never come.Till next blog, I have 10 for each time she took a load from the monster in our 6hr fuck session.Thanks hope you enjoyed

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