Yer SO Vain  

liclaclipperdick 59F
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8/13/2006 7:41 am

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9/2/2006 12:12 pm

Yer SO Vain

Now, if u guys r so proud of yer manhood that u gotta put it up on yer profiles, why is it so difficult to show yer face?
Yer not only tryin' to sell yer johnson,yer tryin' to sell yerself.
Now,if all women wanted was a dick,don't u think more men would be found with their pants down?
We gotta like the face too so start showin it. We're not blind ,which I'm sure alot of u guys wish we were.
Some guys r just plain chic magnets and don't have a problem gettin any women.Those guys got the looks,personality,and hold most of what women want.
But, if they r so arrogant and self centerd to think their dick pic will get them what they want,well, I'm sure by now ,most of u know that's not workin'.
Women are more picky than men in that respect.We gotta like the whole thing. We can get use to any size dick if we like the guy's the face,bod and personality that attracts us more than the size of the dick.
SERIOUSLY GUYS!! Start showin' yer faces.
I mean really,if yer gonna actually meet up with someone,yer gonna have to see the face.
How many times have people met up without seeing the faces,and then got turned off because they weren't what they expected, or weren't truthful about themselves and showed older pics or pics of people other than themselves?
I've heard stories like that,so get with the program and save some time.Get real,be real.
We all know what we want, we all have standards,we have likes n dislikes, wants, and desires.

rm_calgarym_43 55M

8/24/2006 9:58 pm

You are so right... most of the people on this site think that number because it is a "sex site" that everyone on here wants sex 24/7. Number two that all morals and values go out the window because it is only a "sex site". Number three that because it is a "sex site" that they can be as rude, pigheaded, course, and play games with everyone because they have no plans of meeting ever. I say use the site for what it is enjoy it and meet some new friends, have a few good times and just relax and be yourself...

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