Some questions for ya  

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9/5/2006 1:22 am

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Some questions for ya

I was just wondering about some of these profiles where alot of you have "athletic" in them,but some pics say otherwise.What kind of "athletic" builds are you talking or thinking about?
I mean really, when women see that word we generally think no fat,a six pack,well built, with muscles everywhere.Not necessarily meaning a body builder either.
What's that word mean to some of you dudes?

ATHLETIC..Good in bed. Good reflexes.Good arms and hands for drinking n eating,which leads to gettin' a pot belly. Can fight for who gets the most food at a BBQ .Good at holding onto a beer can with a death grip if necessary Good hand eye co-ordination for watchin' the TV and playing games.

An athlete should be in great shape.
No fat.
Toned body.
You know,the underwear model type,dancers n such.
I'm just sayin' what some women think.
Seriuosly,some of you guys should really think about the wording when describing yourselves.
Now don't go gettin' all cranky on me for sayin' so.That would just prove my point.

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