In the rain...  

lickyourpassion 45M
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5/28/2005 12:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

In the rain...

...we meet on lonely sidewalk, abandoned by all but us and the darkened sky covering the usually busy sidewalks, streets, and alleys with people. My shirt is wet and clinging to me the way I have been visualizing my body clinging you yours. You draw near and the cool rain seems to create a steam against your body as your desire burns. Just around the corner, I have waited and I waste no time, embracing you with a long, slow, almost obsessive kiss. Our tongues embrace and I pull you closer feeling the heat of our bodies combining as we become drenched by passion and rain. I caress your neck, kiss you below your ear and whisper "I've missed you so..." you sigh relief that we are again in the embrace that has haunted us both for days. Rain trickles down your neck as I kiss you gently and begin to replace your once buttoned shirt with passionate touching, I kiss your chest and unzip your skirt allowing it to fall to the sidewalk and soak in the falling rain. You touch me, I have become aroused by you and your invitation on this once busy sidewalk. You remove my pants and grasp my passion, it pulses in your hand from excitement as I begin to run my hand into your drenched panties, from rain and reigning enthusiasm. I stroke your lips with a finger and your lower lips with another, kissing you again as if we had been away from each other for years yearning for on another's touch. Up and down, I stroke you as I kiss your neck, your chest, your belly, and I fall to my knees on the cement as you back against a building, I french kiss you below and plunge my tongue into your wetness. I lick you up and down and quickly side to side, then in and out I slide my tongue into you again as your ecstacy drips on my lips and the rain pours down your naked chest, down your belly and into my devouring of your pleasure. You moan from the overwhelming moment that we have made our own. Your moan feeds my enthusiasm and I taste you, suck on you, slide my tongue up and down and in and out more vigorously. Then I slide a finger into you as I continue to lick with vigor. In and out I push a digit again and again and taste you as the rain continues to drench and a stream finds its way to the penetration point and down my wrist, I taste the mix of rain and your exciting wetness. I quickly stand and you grasp my rock hard desire again working it up and down a moment as I kiss your chest, lick your nipple, and you release me as I slide it over your wet lips and thrust it into you, you scream with the much awaited instance. My lips kiss your neck and my hands connect with yours and we move them together over your head against the building where the rain pours over them and my passion pounds deeper, you gasp, you moan, I moan and take a breath before rushing myself into you again and again as the rain drenches our bodies and our clothes on the sidewalk. I continue the barrage of thrusts going deep inside feeling your lips tighten with each entry. You begin to shake as your body anticipates the moment you reach the peak of ecstacy. I continue kissing your neck and you release my hands, I caress your neck as you grab my shoulders and scream. I see you are at the peak so I lower myself to my knees again and begin quickly slipping my tongue in and out up and down tasting every drop of your release...

(a story about a girl I fondly remember)

rm_BigDnLady 44M/42F
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5/28/2005 1:51 pm

see, totally, not fair!!! See you teased me!! When you wanna relive this fantasy, but with me!! I bet I will make it better than the last!!


rm_WickedFemale 64F
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5/28/2005 7:54 pm

~thank you for sharing~

JoLeeS 42F

5/29/2005 10:06 am

Nice.... Thank you for your posts on my blog... I did have fun last night... And...about your question... I do so love to bite...

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