the age difference and lying  

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3/16/2006 7:25 am

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the age difference and lying

I have been married twice to women much younger than me. The first, Trophy Wife, was 14 years younger. After 7 years she moved on to greener pastures, hooking into a man twice her age with mucho dinero. The second, Soulmate, was 13 years younger. This was a completely different marriage...complete trust, commitment and true deep love. Unfortunately she died at the age of 37 after, again, 7 years together. Of course a lot of men are attracted to younger women. However both of these women persued me. I have nothing agains't women closer to my age, but I find that most of them are either too "straight" for me, wear too much makeup, etc. So now that I am older how do I attract a younger woman? I can be quite the flirt in person, but through a computer monitor it's not so easy. I feel women see my age..51..FIFTY ONE..and instantly move on. I have seen several women on AdultFriendFinder and another G-rated site that have lowered their age recently. A woman that has been 41 for months is suddenly now 37. Another jumped from 40 to 38. One even listed honesty as one of her best traits!! Do I lower my age to show up in younger women's searches and then explain later? Naw! I don't play that game. It is very possible, with the right two people, to have a great relationship with a larger than "normal" age difference. I guess I'll do what I have always done, let fate take over!! Enjoy this crazy Texas weather!!!

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3/16/2006 9:29 am

age is just a number...

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