My new Christmas present!  

lickthisbody 34F
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11/19/2005 12:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My new Christmas present!

So check this out...I just bought myself a brand new car for myself for Christmas! I have wanted one for the longest time, and I had the money, (which now I'm broke!, but it was worth it!) so I bought a brand new 2006 Ford Mustang with the pony package deal. It's awesome. It's a standard, cuz I'm a stick chick! It's also a new color for 2006 called Tungsten Gray which is gray in the daylight and grayish purple at night! It's fukin rocks, just like! I'm posting a picture of what it looks like. I just put a couple decals on it, which I don't have pictures of, but will be getting some soon!

sensualm4u2have 64M

11/19/2005 12:44 pm

V-6 or V-8?? I love the new Mustangs. I have driven one myself. I'd like to send myself on a overseas vacation though for Christmas.

Hoursofhardcock 68M
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11/19/2005 12:54 pm

Congratulations Sweetheart. Now you can turn men on with you and your car,just don't let them cum all over your seat.In the car that is!

Hoursofhardcock 68M
36 posts
11/19/2005 1:01 pm

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy all of your rides! I just hope some of them don't go from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds,lol!

Hoursofhardcock 68M
36 posts
11/19/2005 1:02 pm

Your car also makes me want you to take me for two rides!

Satyr48 69M
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11/19/2005 1:43 pm

Congrats! Ride safely... In your Mustang, and in your bed. LOL

How about a pic of you nude in/on your new car for us dirty old men?

Guys love hot cars and hot nude women, we're such sexist pigs... Oink! Oink!

Pleasing women in unbelievable ways for 45 years...
You could be next...

rm_GetSum1973 44M

11/19/2005 1:55 pm

Nice car! I have a '65 myself, and you just cant beat the classic Mustang styling.

lickthisbody 34F

11/19/2005 2:11 pm

V-6...i dont need any more speeding tickets!!!

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

11/19/2005 4:33 pm

I hope you enjoy it

Congrats , Its lovely to get something you really really want

Silky x

AnEnigma517 60M

11/19/2005 8:48 pm

Good for you! See, things ARE starting to get better. Just be careful... lots of jerks on these (ahem) pleasant Pennsylvania roadways!

lickthisbody 34F

11/20/2005 7:06 am

I agree with you on that one! Some people are so ignorant on the road, everywhere...I just give them the finger!

rm_rf900rbaby 40M

11/21/2005 5:59 am

sorry love,
it's a ford (LO
it nothing like my porsche....
which i'll let u drive very soon.....luv ya

sweetgirlnguy 48M/42F
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11/21/2005 9:30 pm

Now you can drive the hour and a half to our house you little hottie! By the way, I love to dance too and I DEFINITELY have an Maybe we could hit the clubs in the burgh some night.

lickthisbody 34F

11/22/2005 8:57 am

Lol. I know the porsche will smoke the mustang. But I can still try! I love cars period!

wanahvfun794 37M/38F

11/22/2005 8:20 pm

nuttin beats a hemi

rm_rf900rbaby 40M

11/25/2005 5:30 am


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