am i to sensitive?  

licksntricksx2 35M/36F
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9/1/2006 10:01 pm

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9/11/2006 9:59 pm

am i to sensitive?

is it to much to ask for my man to be a lil more romantic sometimes?! now i have been getting pretty good at this whole relationship buisness and i have learned that when i want or need something from my man i just say it or ask it....when i want to be fucked in the ass i say i want it and of course he doesnt have a problem(at all).....but when i say "babe i want u to kiss me softly and fuck me easy and slow, i want to be romanced" he acts like i am speaking another fucking language!!!!!!!!! sometimes at night id like him to hold me till i fall asleep,but all i get is "u know i cant sleep like that" what about my needs, i mean shit i suck his dick till he cums in my mouth and yeah i luv it but mainly i do it because it pleases him, its all good HELL HIS NEEDS ARE MET! anyway two nights ago i wanted to be romanced all i got was a peck on the cheek, a peck on the neck, he rolls over and 5 min later hes asleep..... i cryed myself to sleep.... am i being melodramatic?

rm_sonsofmars 33M
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9/18/2006 6:33 pm

If you have problems and have drama in a relationship then you both grow. The relationship that has no problems is the one to fear. After awhile you become so comfortable with eachother where the affection parts can peak down but after some time it peaks right back up~ its all about if you find it worth it. And oh... love the pic~

rm_EZgoinSEA 37M
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1/21/2007 6:34 pm

I have caught myself acting too comfortable in a relationship and not romancing like I used to. Wasn't a conscious effort, just noticed that the kissing and all the little things you do in the beginning of a relationship weren't really happening anymore.

Although I fixed that on my own once I thought about how liked the way things were before. If you are upfront about it and he still is selfish and not accommodating to your needs, thats just F-ing lame.

May need to make your point clearer, I know i've passed things off or taken them the wrong way before it was basically drawn out like a map for me. Then i got it, and if he cares then he will get it and do something about it.

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