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4/5/2005 10:35 pm

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The couch was warm in the spot where she was sitting. She had gotten up to go piss. Dizzy Gillespie was on the cd player with "Body and Soul". How appropriate he thought since she had just given him a foot-curling orgasmic blow job.
They had just met that morning and by one in the afternoon he had buried his face into her pussy. He nibbled around her pussy lips with his toungue and lips then slid down to her feet and worked his way back up to her belly button, tits, then lips.
She entered the room and sat down next to him. He was laying back down and she started caressing his inner theigh with her hand...
"Everything come out all right?" he asked.
She looked at him with the -How could you ask such a stupid question as that- look. Then she broke down and laughed, saying "Is that the best you've got?"
He looked her straight in the eyes and said "yep". Then he started laughing too.

He was sucking deeply on her tit taking nipple in between his lips and tongue she was tracing the outline of his ear with her tongue and cooing with pleasure. They were consumed with the touch of each other- hard, soft- legs entertwined and exploring with each too. As he moved over to her other breast he moved his hand to her pussy. He made a V with his fingers and rubbed the outside pussy lips with her clit in between his fingers. He squeezed her clit and she melted on him, moaning.
She was laying against his cock and rubbing from the head to the base of the shaft with her palm, then, back up again. He was oozing copius amounts of precum and she raised her hand to see how far she could make the precum stretch away.
He moved down from her nipple to tongue a trail to her navel. He loved the taste and touch of her skin. She smelled like honeysuckle in bloom and tasted just as sweet. He continued on to her pubic plateau then slid down into her clit with his tongue. She arched her back and moved her hips into his mouth. She looked down at him eating her pussy and it gave her such a rush, like moving down a hill on a rollercoaster.
She said, "I love sucking your cock". It was true, he had a thick, juicy cock. Circumsised. With a big mushroom top.
He stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes and said "I love eating your pussy and watching you cum." With that he went back down and she rubbed her clit hard against his mouth, moaning.
He started flicking her clit with his tongue the took it between his lips and pulled up with it. She moaned deeply, repeating, "Yes, mmmmmm yes!"
She felt her pussy get wetter and get fuller. She was close to cumming and it was building. All of the fucking and eating had primed her up to where she would cum with the flick of his tongue. Her pussy began contracting inside. She felt it deep inside of her.
"Ohhhh mmmmmm, like that! Like that!"
He started lipping and tonguing her harder, she was rubbing her juice all over his mouth and chin.
"I'm cumming baby, ummmmmmmm I'm cumming"
Her hips were grinding deeper and harder into his face and he was giving back just as hard with his tongue and mouth.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM she moaned out, she couldn't speak, she could only moan- her orgasm was that intense. She felt like she had squirted on his face, but she wasn't sure. She was so lost in the moment of orgasm.

They held each other, his cock between her legs, kissing and nibbling each other's lips. They'd decided they would meet again tommorrow.

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7/12/2005 11:17 pm

Ohh, very nice.. nipples hard, pussy wet, yep I'd say it did it for me!


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