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lickalotapuss306 49M
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9/5/2006 12:06 am
pick up lines

i thought id share some pickup lines iv heard, and some ive used. they don't work all the time, but they do break the ice.

1.lets act like squirrels, and let me bust a nut in your hole.

2.is there a mirror in your pocket,because i can see myself in your pants.

3.you must have a keg in your pants, because i want to tap that ass.

4.your parents must be terrorists, because your the bomb.

5.did it hurt........when you fell from heaven.

6.want to fuck....if she says no then say,so is a blow job out of the question.

7.do you have any Irish in you....do you want some.(use whatever race you want

8.tell her your name then tell her to remember it because you'll be screaming it later.

ill add more as i remember,or hear them. if you have any you want to add let me know. these are for fun only, if you get slapped don't blame me.

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