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6/21/2006 8:46 pm

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Now I could probally write a 20 page blog about my trip to Winnipeg filled with leather pleasure,whips,cocks&cousin's,but I'll spare some details and just give the juice on the cousin.Now growing up I was always a feminante.While my brothers&cousin's played G.I.JOES& wrestled, I was on the side lines...kind of like a cheerleader.There was no doubt that I was different and different is not always good growing up.My older cousin Robbie was the leader of the pack.All the other boys followed his kids can be cruel I was often called "fag"&"girlie-boy" mostly by my older cousin Robbie.One memory of him was holding me down and forcing me to say that I was a fag and every time I refused, my stomach was greeted with a punch.Fair to say I don't keep in touch with my cousin.Well lets skip to the the present time, while visiting my family my cousin's came over to watch the game with my brother's...My cousin's have not seen me since childhood,They were surprised by my new BUSTY appearance. I chose to sit in the dinning room talking with my mother&aunt, while noticing my cousin Robbie sitting on the couch more intrigued with myself than the BIG game, with his sandy blond hair messy from wearing a trucker hat all evening, I could feel his eyes starring,smoldering,glaring...judging me.I was thinking maybe he was just freaked out by me and that he has grown up to be an even bigger redneck than he was as a child.As far as I know Robbie was happily married and had a successful job in construction.I decided I needed to go to the washroom and guess who followed me there????The hallway that leads to my families washroom has a closet across from the bathroom filled with old winter coats and such....So when I realized Robbie was behind me I asked him if he needed to use the washroom,he said no then looked down at my breasts and asked if he could feel them....Since he said he has never felt fake breasts before.Now the whole free world has touched my boobs and thinking this was harmless I agreed.He slipped his hand into my shirt and squeezed, slowly moving his body towards me pushing me into the coats next I could feel his stubble and his tongue swirling in my mouth.Now I kind of just stood there frozen,but with my mouth open ,it was kinda like when people have a near death experience and their whole life flashes before their eyes....Thoughts of childhood,him pinning me down and calling me names,it's weird...It's weird I should have said get off me,but instead I just relived a past moment witha twist, I wanted him to tear off my clothes, lick my tits,&punish fuck me.Is that so wrong?Well a near goal for the oilers created a large roar from the living room, Which scared him out of my shirt &mouth.Then both deciding without words...THIS WAS WRONG....we parted ways, I had some friends that I promised that I would visit while being in town & this was an opportune moment to skip out on this family reunion, in the cab on my way to a friend's I pondered and thought and was really turned on, but somehow kind of just wrote it off as being a sexually open/well rounded person just adding kissing a cousin to my list.


rm_Mrplayful66 51M
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7/28/2006 12:39 am

What could you ever do wrong for me Lex. I wish I could be your knight in shining armour.

isntlifestrange 60M

3/24/2007 1:18 pm

he was so freaked that you were so fine ~ you... (bloomed) in to a beautiful..babe his thoughs of you back when you were growing up,
calling you girlie boy change his ways his mind was going a hundred
miles his eyes were frozen on your beauty,he want you bad;he got his,
way with - you.. untill`he decided with out words this was wrong..
we parted ways..i wish i was on your kissing list Alexi you
are such babe Ciao Alexi..

isntlifestrange 60M

4/30/2007 8:24 pm

i would lick you all over.

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