I Lied  

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8/25/2005 9:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Lied

Guess my previous entries were a bit like "kiss and tell".

I told my little (hard body) "hottie" that I wrote about our escapade in my blog and she came (sorry, no orgasm here) unglued. I guess I realize the "wrong" of my ways, I guess (did I already say that?).

She's not "one of us", and is really repulsed by my attraction to this site. She was a real fuck around herself at one time, but has taken up preaching to "degenerates", such as myself.

Got quite an earfull too about cheating on my Wife; sheesh, girl, you were "the first", why didn't you just say "NO"? You couldn't resist my nice wet uncircumsised dick? Well OK then !

I'm going to have to write about the plight of us cheating married men. We are SO discriminated against!

What's a guy to do, divorce the B*%#@ and have 90% of my paycheck taken away--and you REFUSE to get a job for the last 3 years ! That's justice alright! But I digress....

So, sorry about not being able to tell you more about her wonderful moaning, and those cries of "yes", "yes". I had to tell her to stop sucking on me (she was going to ruin the evening otherwise), how is it that every blowjob is SO different. Pussys are all alike by comparision.

So next time, I'm on the soapbox as to why I DESERVE to be able to cheat. No more kiss and tell; well, unless you "ask" nicely that is!

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