Lil Tommy  

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3/1/2006 12:43 pm

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Lil Tommy

I met him thru a friend and that was my first mistake, but hey, I am a benefit of the doubt kinda girl, a fan of the underdog so I gave the asshole a chance.

He was, in his own words, "A Man with a career, a man with standards, a man with goals, what he failed to add was a man with a little dick." There I said it, he had a little dick.

Please allow me to paint the soiled picture.

Tommy, not his real name because trust me, after this tale some lady may recognize him, but close enough that if he should luck up on this blog, he will know it's him. Anyway, Tommy was in the service, a career army man, had 22 years in and proud of serving his country. We started dating and he was sent overseas before I could get a sample of the goods down below, not a problem I say, this will make our love stronger and the lovemaking, when it finally happen like the 4th of July. We emailed each other daily, talked on the phone weekly and wrote each other countless love letters . . . . . this is important because of the promises he made about our lovemaking, so I am so excited I would often cum just from the words alone. I'm thinking, boy if his skills are anything like his words, he is going to rock my world. Well things progress slowly over the course of 8 months with more letters of promises of blissful nights and kinky days.

Tommy was a guy that has to be in control, it was his way or the highway, hey, I am a go with the flow kinda girl, you gets no complaints from me, this appeared to be a win, win situation, he had a good job, good benefits, travels, a local military hero, and he claims he will fulfill all my sexual fantasies, hey I have just hit the jackpot.-------NOT.

Tommy came home on a Wed, and I lived 4 miles from his mom, but I did not see him until that sat., strange right, I thought so, but hey he's the local hero, been away fighting for his country, everyone wanted to see him and he has kids to see, so I was patient, kids before fun. Anyway, my pussy could smell the opportunity a mile away, it's juicy, it's swollen, it's throbbing, we were ready for the assault he claims to be able to bring.

He picked me up and he's pretty cordially for a man whose been away for 9 month, 4 day, 12 hours, 16 minutes and 29 sec. Yeah I counted the minutes until he returned because I was so fucking horny and ready to be licked, sucked, tossed, slammed, you get the picture, I was ready, anyway he picked me up at 2pm, we stopped by his mom,we stopped to see his uncle, we stopped to see his kids, by now it's 6pm and my couchie is so wet and ready, it's about to reach out and slap the shit out of both of us. We go to dinner and get this, s strip joint, yeah, you heard me a strip joint, now I know what you thinking, I should have left his ass after the motherfucker made the first stop that was not the hotel, even better, why did we leave my house, I was naked when he got there, which I failed to mention at the start of this journey.

Anyway at the strip joint this asshole wants me to ask for a lap dance----go figure, but hey it's his day, maybe this will get that big engine running---SHIT--we stay there 3 hours, that's right 3 non fucking hours, 4 lap dances, 2 table dances 6 shots of tequila, 4 bloody Marys, 1 long island ice tea and a hell of alot of cum stuck to my thong later and I have been fingered by every bitch in the joint but him, licked in more places then I knew I had and he is still not ready to FUCK ME, I know, I know I should have left his big black ugly ass right there----but no I am in it to win it, I tell myself.

It's 2am and I start to yawn, finally he notices and grabs our coats for us to leave, my pussy is twitching, cumming, finally it seemed to be saying, we get out to his Grey Ford F150, customized to match his motorcycle, he announces that we are going to run to Wal-mart to pickup a tv for his grandmother, do I bitch, hell no, I should, but my dumb ass gets in and to Wal-mart we go. By 4:30am, am drunk, hung over, starting to feel sticky and nasty and still have not had sex with my man, that returned home 3 days prior, so the Bitch that every woman tries to stash inside her surfaces, looks at Tommy and states, look fuck me now, or take me to someone that can. This pisses him off and he tells me so, how no woman of his talks to him that way and if I want it he is going to give it to me even if it breaks my dam back. I lean in and plant a wet nasty kiss on his ugly ass face and say, bring it on bitch, please bring it on, he's so pissed he pulls into the first hotel he see's which happens to be some no name brand, cause we live in such a small town, but I'm not complaining just glad the show is about to start.

He gets the room, I take a shower and come out ready to have my back broke, he's already in the bed so I jump in and climb on top and he pushes me off and starts to mess, yes I said mess, over my voluptuous breast, biting, pulling just making a fucking mess, so I say, LOOK, Just Fuck Me OK, let's see if you can handle that, to my surprised horror, he takes off his boxers and he has the SMALLEST PENIS I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A MAN, his nuts are bigger, they hang further than his dick, I punch him right in that tiny, tiny object he had the nerve to call a big engine, grab his keys off the dresser, grab my clothes, leave butterball naked and drive myself to my ex's house some 2 1/2 hours away and fucked his brains out. The moral of this story ladies, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE, make the MOTHERFUCKERS, show you what they are working with. Things that make you say ummh

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3/3/2006 4:32 pm

fingers on the clit=orgasmic heaven

MONA_14 31F

3/4/2006 2:15 pm

I enjoyed reading your blog and wish that you are our Friends

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3/12/2006 4:32 pm

I know how you feel actually. I was living in Northeast Texas at that time and met a chick from Colorado, and we started phone dating. She was always telling me that she would "rock my world" and "make my head spin" and other bullshit like that. A couple of months later I was able to take some precious vacation time from work. The drive took 13 hours, 4 tanks of gas, and enough caffine to keep a narcoleptic awake for a week.

I get there and she is wearing this hot teddy, and she plants a long wet kiss on me like there is no tomorrow. My dick got so hard so fast that I thought it was going to jump out of my pants and take care of business without me. Anyway, I pick her up and carry her to her bedroom, while she squeals with surprise and excitement.

About 30 seconds later we are both naked and I am pounding the shit out of her. 5 minutes later she has a screaming orgasm, and I am just getting warmed up. 2 minutes after that she tells me "You need to hurry up, I'm getting dry." I was like, "Your kidding, right?"

She wasn't, she said that she always gets dry after she cums. She didn't have any lube there or anything, and a condom only has so much on it. 1 minute goes by, and I am doing everything I can to bust a nut, and she said "You have to stop, it's really hurting now." My world wasn't rocked, my head didn't spin, and she wouldn't even blow me or jack me off. She turned over and went to sleep. I jacked myself off, came in her hair, and spent the night in a motel.

I drove home the next day and found a message from her on my answering machine wanting to know why I left. I never called her back, and didn't answer the phone without screening the calls for over a month. She finally stopped calling 20 times a day.

If you can't live up to what you want to say, don't fucking say it.

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