A Three Way  

Aihnsa 48M  
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6/12/2005 12:37 am

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10/28/2007 11:47 pm

A Three Way

I got invited over by a couple I met through AdultFriendFinder tonight. It was their first threesome with a second man, so I hope I represented well enough that they'll want to repeat it.

At one point before going to the bedroom, the woman remarks that she's very nervous, and the man says "I guess this must be that awkward point between the drink and the bedroom."

My answer was just what my first boyfriend told me years ago when I met him for my first date: "If things AREN'T a little awkward the first time, either someone's getting paid or someone isn't right in the head." Skipping as many steps in a "action chain" as we do when we swing, I guess we're bound to feel like we're in uncharted water sometimes.

Bo_T2 54M

7/15/2005 7:08 pm

Hey - saw your blog and decided that I'd finally post something.

The thing I hate is that, even though it's HER idea that I blow her husband, she will ultimately get pissed over it.

I'll explain:

I'm on a winter bowling league. For months, this one gal begged me to blow her husband while she watched. Although it was against my better judgement, one night I acquiesced. I followed them home and, when they got out of their car, it was obvious that he was up for it. We got inside and, nervous as we all were, I cut to the proverbial chase by kneeling in front of him and undoing his pants. As soon as I had his cock in my mouth, he became very "verbally appreciative". His knees quickly get weak and he has to sit on the couch. Soon he's making all kinds of noise and saying stuff like "oh, baby, you gotta learn how to do it like this", etc.

Next thing I know, she's getting pissed! I'm thinking, what? you didn't want him to like it?!?!

Now, she's trying to pull me off him and I'm really getting into it (I love it when they get loud), so I keep pushing her away. I mean, that was the deal, right? I suck your husband and you watch, right?

Eventually I start to feel sorry for her, so I stick two fingers up her cunt and start rubbing her clit with my thumb.

So, he's watching all this happen and the louder she gets, the louder HE gets, right?

She clamps down and nearly breaks my hand when she comes. He's so excited that he nearly blows my head off with his wad. (His second shot hits me on my ear)

So, everybody comes but me.

Even so, she's mad as hell! I finally figured out that, while it was HER idea for me to blow her husband, he wasn't supposed to enjoy it.

I mean, how fucked up is that?

Anyway, she's still not talking to me, but I still see her husband - on the sly, of course.

Thanks for listening.

mobone 56M
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7/21/2005 2:42 pm

I am going to me a guy for the first time tyoday. I mean THE FIRST,AND I am beginninf to get nervous about it If I get a chance I come back and tell about it

gman4479 55M  
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4/16/2007 2:29 pm

wow that was hot

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