Funny old thing called LOVE !!!!!  

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10/26/2005 6:39 am

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Funny old thing called LOVE !!!!!

I've been lucky enough to have been in love on a few occasions. My 1st love well i was 13 and so was she. We had been in school together for a few years. Now this was 17 years ago pre mobile phone time. Staying in touch during holidays was via good old hand written letters. This made it all the more nerve wracking waiting for a response to your letter. We wrote to each other every few days about what i dont know, seems comicial now looking back on it. Of course it didnt last and i was heartbroken when it finished.
During my teenage years the hormones kicked in and it seemed like i was in love with a different girl every second week. Nothing more than teenage urges haha. Sad now looking back on it from an adult perspective but it was life and death stuff toa 14/15/16 year old. When i was 18 i feel in love with a girl that to this day i still have feelings for. Distance and circumstance really shortened what might have been.
Love can find you in the most unusual places and at the most unusual time. A quick kiss with a girl i hardly knew turned into a deep relationship but in the end the age difference, i was 24 and she was 18, meant that we had very different ideas for the long term.
The last girl to steal my heart was 4 years ago. There have been other girls in the mean time but none that i have felt enough for to call it love. My relationship with the last girl i was in love with was a short relationship but it seemed we had been together for years. The good times always outweighed the bad even when we broke up. I was honest and open with her from the start, about my past girlfriends, relationships and sexual partners, just like she wanted. Unfortunately her jealousy and insecurities drove a wedge between us and one night i decided i had enough of her ultimatums and i decided to walk away.
Do i regret it? I did for awhile when i calmed down and thought about it and i was very tempted to give it another go because i missed her not just sexually but i missed the small things her smile, her touch, her scent. I guess we've all gone through that. I haven't seen or heard from her in a long time i think she finally deleted my number from her phone, i hope she found someone that can make her happy i really do.

So people tell me how has LOVE treated you? Comments as always are appreciated!!! ANY COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED ACTUALLY HAHA

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