what a massage...woha!!!!!  

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6/19/2006 3:38 pm

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what a massage...woha!!!!!

a friend of mine just got past her massage course and asked me if i would like to be her first client..i said ok

i went to her home and she is very cute. it was hot out and she had on a sexy outfit that drives leegs out of his mind!!..she had on a tube top and a pair of short..short..cut off jeans. she said "my table is in the bedroom upstairs".

..she took me in the room and said"take off all of your clothes"..and lie face down on the table. so i did..don't have to twist my arm.
she comes back in the room..and said spread your legs a little..right off the bat she gets on the table..i feel her knee up against my ass..she starts massaging my back with just her fingertips.i said.."this is what u learned in class"?

she said "um um"..with a sexy giggle. i said"ok do your thing". she starts rubbing me all over my body..all away down to my toes..felt great..then she started rubbing my ass..touching the surface..rubbing..wow if felt great.i said "wow u had a great teacher".she kept going and my cock begins to get hard.. harder and harder..her finger tips on the other hand still going up and down on my back.then she reaches undrneath and grabs my cock and starts jerking it..i said "wow" what a course you took!"..she laughed..she said "how is my touch?"..i said.." oh yea..very nice"

as she jerking and using her fingertips all over my cock. she said to me "this is what they didn't teach me in class"..she starts to lick the tip of my cock..and then starts gently kissing the tip and the shaft..and then she puts the tip of my cock in her mouth..her lips around the tip..sucking...ohhh it felt great!!!!

alot more happened..but i don't want to bore all of u..so i will stop..for now.

have u ever had a great massage??

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