Where was your first?  

learnfrommentors 33F
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4/11/2006 12:02 pm

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4/25/2006 3:44 pm

Where was your first?

Hello. I'm new here and very inexperienced in all areas. I attended a Catholic all girl high school, and when I entered college it was a small institution. I always thought about sex but was so nervous and scared. I am quite cute and smart -- but need to broaden my personal experiences. Lately, I have been waking up wet with these dreams of lust and compassion -- not sure where they are coming from or why now. But I am enjoying them.

So my start up question within this 'BLOG' is:

Where was your first 'true' experience in making love? Can you describe it for me? I'd love to experience my 'first' where I am being held down -- and someone is 'sucking' on my nipples, oh my they are so hard -- now, my lace panties are being torn -- I'm starting to squirm as he/she is trying to enter me. My redhair is being pulled back and my legs are being spread open -- please what am I about to experience? I need to know.

rm_k1HotandTan 46M
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4/13/2006 4:59 am

All you need is a man who doesn't pressure you, someone you can trust to take the lead, be your teacher, to share, and appreciate these special moments with you. The guy must be very attractive to you, he must be patient, confident, experienced, and oozing with sexual energy... If you agree with me, then maybe we could meet sometime soon?

learnfrommentors 33F
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4/13/2006 10:24 am

I tried to get back with you last night, but I have met my message quota (Standard member). How 'oozing' are you? I want to enjoy ones company and I want to see that sensitive side of that person. I am confident with myself that I can enjoy different 'sexual' experiences and at the same time pleasure the person I am with........

rm_InSouthPgh 68M

4/13/2006 11:40 am

Long, slow, tender. Those are the best words I can think of to describe what I would love to share with you. Lay back, and enjoy the feeling as you are slowly caressed and kissed over your entire body. Soft touches, soft kisses everywhere, gentle touches with the tongue, to turn up the heat for you. Soft touches and kisses that bring you to the edge, then slowly back down again, only to start over until you can no longer stand it. Your nipples so hard and erect, your panties dripping wet.........yes, LONG, SLOW, TENDER.

solongandgdnight 33M
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4/13/2006 12:21 pm

Wow that is so amazing that you made a post admitting you are inexperienced. Its not bad its just that you will find alot of "people you are not really looking for", but with your inexperience you might not catch this right away. You need a man that will work you up to a peak and make you feel this over and over without alot of pain. like insouthpgh said long and slow is deffinatly clutch. you should deffinatly get to know sumone at least a little before sharing your experience with them. so if u wanna get to know me a little dont be scared.

hungNhorny69693 57M
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4/17/2006 4:52 pm

my tongue slowly licking you sweet pussy lips, my lips sucking on your hard clit. I start rubbing your pussy with my finger while I give you a long, deep kiss. My cock is rock hard. I get on top, I begin to enter you just a little, sooooo tight, wet and hot. You arch you back and beg for it all. I slide it all the way in slowly, you let out a gasp, a moan. I'm fucking you slowly now and you begin to buck you hip, fucking me, your finger dig into my back, a deep moan, I feel you cum all over my cock deep inside you. I can't take it anymore, I fuck you faster and harder, my balls slamming against your fine ass. I pull out and cum all over your tits. I rub my cock around in the cum and offer it for you to taste. You wildly grab my cock and clean it all off.


out_for_a_ride 36M

4/20/2006 12:33 am

my first time was on a summer vacation to ocean city. i'm not ugly to say the least, but wasn't used to the female attention at 16. in fact i was always extremely nervous when the opposite sex displayed the least bit of interest in me. this summer vacation was no different. i met her the very first night we were there, i'd ditched my family after check in to go soak up the remaining sunlight and hopefully catch some good colors in the sunset off the horizon. she was a local out for a walk with her dog. i saw her coming from a mile away, i mean i couldn't stop staring and made no attempt to play it off when she caught me, her gaze catching mine, piercing right through my "look/act cool/nonchalant" facade. as she walked by i tried to say hi but got no further than swallowing my adams apple. she was way out of my league, sexy and older. i sat there for another 30 minutes just hoping to catch another glimpse of her, and when i did, it was of her walking straight towards me. i could feel my hands claming up as my throat tightened, i could no longer hold her stare as she approached me, looking to the ground for comfort. "you're really shy," she said. i replied, choking on every word as i sputtered "only when i think they're too sexy for me." apparently she thought i was cute and only more so because of how bashful i'd been. we got to talking and ended up spending most of the evening together. nothing happened that night, i was too terrified to move, much less make a move. the next few days brought a lot of time spent getting to know one another, and even though we were getting along great, my nervousness was only slightly less than what it had been originally. it didn't take her long to realize i wasn't courageous enough to make a move on her, so on the third night she wasted no time making it on me. we were sitting on the beach just after sunset drinking a few beers she'd gotten from her house when she pointed this out in question format. again, with not much to say, i lowered my eyes to the ground just to feel he lift my chin and place her lips to mine. i had kissed plenty of girls by now, and fooled around touching and feeling with a few before, but i guess i was still pretty stupified because it took her sucking on my bottom lip to get my lips to react. i can remember how cool her mouth felt breathing into mine as i slowly returned her kiss. sucking her tongue and biting her lip, drawing her in to a deep wet kiss. normally my hands would've been rubbing and squeezing, but my arms were frozen to the ground propping me up as my head swirled with dizzying thoughts. before long she'd pushed me on my back, kissing and biting down my neck. i was trembling i was so nervous, and before i could object she'd thrust her hand inside my shorts and was pulling on my pulsing hard on. the shakes had subsided as i began to squirm in torment under her control. she continued to kiss and lick all along the base of me as she swirled her palm over my tip. my dick still jumps at the memory of her warm breath as she lowered her mouth onto me. i came the second she closed her mouth, wrapping her lips around me, sucking me entirely in. she wasn't deterred...she continued sucking me while swallowing every shot. she had me so totally aroused, i was hard and coming again within minutes. this time she released my dick from her mouth. when i opened my eyes she was kneeling over me, i could smell how good she was going to taste and told her i'd never gone down on anybody. she told me to kiss it the way i kissed her and she'd teach me from there. so i did, loving every second of her pussy on my face. i kissed, licked, and sucked every inch of her while she ground down on my face, moaning the occasionaly order on where to suck and how hard. before long she was cumming in my mouth, reaching behind her to stroke my once again raging hard on. as soon as she'd finished orgasming against my lips she wasted no time sliding on to me. she taught me to fuck her every way possible. from where to grab/hold her, to how to read her timing/rhythm. i came 5 times that night, twice when getting head and three times having sex for the first time. each time i was embarrassed, and each time she assured me it was okay because she was enjoying teaching me. it was making her hornier than "ever" to make me cum so much. needless to say i wasn't as timid with her the rest of the week, but i surely wasn't in charge either. since then, i've been on the giving/teaching end for 3 young ladies during their first time, all of whom i knew inside and out (and vice versa) before events lead where they did. the one thing i am certain of, is you don't want it to end up being with a wrong person. it could possibly totally taint your future desires/pleasures. if you ever need a gentlemans perspective feel free to leave a message with mellow3green at y*hoo.

hansum_strangrr 48M
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4/21/2006 3:18 pm

First, welcome to blogville. My first was at age 12 with a 16 year old girl. I was big for my age. When my mother dropped me off to stay with a cousin for 2 weeks, she said have a good time... Michelle said, "Don't worry he will." She showed me her treehouse and the next thing you know I was naked, but not hard. She went down on me and I rose to the occasion. I have to tell you that it only lasted about 15 seconds, but I'll remember it until the day I die.

Moral: If you are a virgin, then do it with someone you love and be tender. If this is a fantasy that you have created to turn people on... then you have done your job well, and you will have a long line of admirers on this site. Good luck either way.

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

SirMounts 103M

4/22/2006 2:05 am

How can one truly explain a future, unique experience that only you will know?
Welcome to the blogs, learnfrommentors. *smiling*

ilsuconu 57M

4/25/2006 11:55 am

I was 16 and she was 36, married to a traveling salesman who traveled a lot... She had hired me one summer to cut her grass, do odd jobs around the house, etc. One day when I was cleaning out her attic, and after quite a few cans of Pepsi, I went downstairs to use the bathroom. I walked in to do my business and she was "quietly" taking a bath, and she just grinned at me and said "What took you so long?" She was a great "mentor" that summer!

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