Unrequited Lust  

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3/25/2006 7:38 am

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Unrequited Lust

Hey world - how the hell are ya?

Well - I'm still here in the maddening position of unrequited lust. Emergencies at the hospital, so House couldn't come out and play. Gee - priorities people!!! Just kidding.

I had had a pretty lousy day & that was the crowning moment so I had the damn martini anyway. Actually had 3.

House has since spent every other minute sending me erotic messages. OMG I want to abuse his body soooooooooooo badly. House is married so that won't happen this weekend. But it makes next week look so much more interesting.

I spoke to Mafia - if his plans for helping a friend move fall through he'll be over. God - I really would like to work my way down that decision tree!

Hmmmm.... sex with the lady. Helping guy friend move. Let's think about this!!!! I know I know - a commitment to a friend is the most important thing out there, however, it did strike me as funny.

Not sure what kind of trouble I'm going to get into this weekend. It just started and I have a world of possibilities.

I'll keep ya posted though.


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