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3/9/2006 9:05 am

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am a huge fan of the notorious B.I.G, today being the day he was murdered 9 years ago, i decided to celebrate his life by playing all his original albums, watching his videos and most things that he has appeared in. it sure was a waste of talent, just to think of what he would be like if he was still alive.

i am definitely in a state of mourning right now, all these fifty cent and co would not have stood a chance if biggie was still alive.
he was the biggest lost to hip hop, may his soul rest in peace.

i have been reading a lot of blogs lately and have to say that there really isn't that many interesting blogs around.
when ever i read a really good blog,i always add it to my watch list, only to delete it after a week or so, i currently have 3 blogs on my list and only one i can say really cuts it every single time, or maybe i just have a Major hard on for her so even if she wrote something stupid i would still love it.

anyways, if you are reading this and think it is you, then you are probably right. blah!!!!

MissKittyNip26 107F

3/9/2006 2:48 pm

LOL! Well.. I'm thinkin' (HOPIN') it's me.. 'cause I would be COMPLETELY JEALOUS if you were gettin' hard ons for other A.F.F. women! Anyway.. I have to say.. I never was a fan of B.I.G. I just couldn't get over his voice.. now, lyrically, he could flow.. but the voice.. ugh! And.. I wasn't crazy about many of the beats. That's odd for me too.. because I grew up on east coast .. and I stayed drawn to it for quite some time. Though.. I didn't like him or Jay-Z (two of the biggest). I haven't bought anything east coast since Nas.. but these days I'm more into the southern .. maybe 'cause I'm livin' in the south Oh well.. sorry you spent the day in mourning.

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