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4/10/2006 10:45 am

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MissKittyNip26has got to have the best ass i have seen in a while.
The way it is just pointing up in the air, and her pussy peeking out from under is just fucking amazing, it is perfection at its best, when God was handing out asses, she was in front of the line.If i ever get to hit it, it would have to be doogy style first and foremost, i would never even dream of nutting of her ass, i need to look at it free of any foreign particles. her pussy would have to get eaten from behind as well. your hips, i could see the hips too baby, lord have mercy. All the sinful thoughts in my head, if thinking was a crime, i would get life in prisonment for it right now.

Am no ass worshiper but i would gladly give it a shot in miss kitty's honour. J-Lo aint got nothing on you babe. No wonder all the guys that get to hit it always come back for more.
we need you to post more of your ass on here, some with your thighs showing as well, please dont make me start a petition.

I keep moving closer to my monitor with my tongue hanging out, hoping that somehow i might be able to enter the monitor and give your ass a good licking. I would pay you just to rub some baby oil on your ass, you should start an auction on ebay to see who the higest bidder willing to rub baby oil on that ass would be!

you have a PHAT AZZ!!!

MissKittyNip26 107F

4/10/2006 9:00 pm

ROFL!! I'm sure my face is so fuckin' red from embarrassment! If you don't go somewhere with this foolishness...LOL! Regarding "if I ever get to hit"... well, if you had a go-go gadget dick, we could make that happen...LOL!

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